Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why Racial Inequality Will Not End Soon

As much as I've said in the past that we've come a long way toward ending racial inequality, I realize now just how far the pendulum has swung...the other way.  Does this still exist?  Absolutely.  Who bears the brunt, though, of this inequality?  I'd say whites, though that simply won't be a widely-accepted opinion.  How can it be denied, though?  How can anyone, anywhere view the events of the past few days and think that whites aren't the ones that are on the outside looking in?  In a day and time when Paula Deen is almost crucified for, "using the 'N' word," as they say in politically-correct circles, I am amazed at the audacity of some people and what they can get away with saying on national TV.  After George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin (a juror, by the way, said they did NOT feel this was about race), I watched as two black men were interviewed on The Today Show.  The same people that want to tell us how racial tensions need to end and how we need to have "The Conversation' about the race relations, said some pretty damning things.  Dare I say, too, that this so-called conversation (based on what we've experienced so far) would probably amount to not much more than a list of demands and how we should further cater to the minorities.  Whatever happened to, "All men are created equal?"  I don't mind equality.  What I mind is people telling me how I have to give so others can get.  When there are people in a position to initiate the conversation, though, and they say the things they did, I submit that we will not get where we need to be very quickly.  Case in point, and what I heard - here are the comments from the black men that so desperately want "Equality":

"Black life means a little bit less than white life in America."

"With an almost all-white jury, you'll almost never get justice in that case, especially in the South."

"All black men feel vulnerable because we are all racially-profiled."

"When we have Stand Your Ground laws and a gun culture that allows us to be vigilantes and a court system where we are over-arrested, over-prosecuted, over-convicted, and over-sentenced as black people, then we can't have the conversation about race."

Read those again if you're not fuming and angry about it.  You see, that's what this does to us.  I truly try to be color-blind, however when you have educated black men saying these things on national television, they're giving other blacks permission to act any way they deem fit.  IT IS NOT OKAY!  You want to have 'The Conversation'?  Okay, but let's remember a few things first:

No one I know has ever owned a slave.  Please stop screaming about past injustices in which none of us were involved.  I understand that you'd like reparations for the 'sins of our fathers'.  While I won't stroke a check and hand it to you directly, I think it safe to say that we are doing our part by working so many can have government services provided at no charge.  Again, I've dealt with the mentality of (yes, I know it is a stereotype, however I saw it firsthand) a black woman that had four kids and was pregnant with a fifth because, "The government pays me more if I have more kids."  Direct quote.  You want to end the stereotype?  Stop the behavior.  Let's also take a look at the Evening News.  There are far more crimes and acts of violence with complete disregard for others committed by blacks, statistically speaking.  When this is mentioned, there are multitudes of reasons - he came from a broken home, couldn't get out of the ghetto, had no role model, lived in a society of drugs, etc, etc.  They're called excuses.  When you see a black President, don't tell me there's inequality.  It's about doing for yourself rather than expecting someone to do it for you.

I saw a sign that read, "It's not a crime to be black."  Certainly not and I couldn't agree more.  When you use that, though, as justification to demonstrate, cause violence, beat others based on the color of THEIR skin, how does that make you any better?  I read a few comments following the story about the rioting folks in Los Angeles, and one person asked a great question - "What happened when OJ was acquitted?"  Hmm.....interesting thought.  I don't recall any whites rioting, burning buildings, throwing rocks through business windows, or beating random black people on the streets.  If we had, what then?  Do you think the police would have allowed that behavior?  Not at all.  In fact, I'd say the whites would have been treated rather harshly immediately.  With the blacks (or other minorities), however, we have to be sure we don't step on their civil rights lest Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson arrive on the scene.  I heard Al Sharpton say, "Trayvon Martin had a civil right to go home."  Well, yeah, he did.  Let's remember, too, that HE initiated the physical altercation with George Zimmerman.  As they stood facing each other, the kid sucker-punched him and it went from there.  Tragically, one person lay dead. Yes, it was tragic, but what if they had both looked at each other and said, "Look, I'm just going home."  I don't think george Zimmerman would have pulled his gun and fired.  Call me crazy, but I believe he pulled the gun when he was in fear for his life.  I can also tell you I would have feared for my life, too.  I hope I am never in that position, but I do empathize a bit.  Still, it was a tragedy that could have been avoided...by BOTH parties.  To say, though, that this was a violation of just Trayvon Martin's rights is ludicrous.  That argument can be made for both of them.

Equal means just that, folks - equal.  The same for everyone.  I submit to you that things are NOT the same for everyone at this point.  I don't like it - not for me, but for future generations.  Where are we headed when we cannot get the masses to even agree on what equality is?  I'm not sure, however I know I'm glad I'm on the 'other side of the hill' at this point.  Things need to change...on that, we can all agree. It's how we get there that will determine the extent of that change.....IF it comes.

Until next time...........