Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gathering Topics...and Glad I Did

...and, we're back.  Yes, it's been quite a while since the last posting.  If, as I hope, some of you were wondering what happened, well...let's just say it was a busy week.  After driving a grand total of 3,928 miles the previous week, I was tired.  Plain and simple...oh, and there seemed to be a shortage of 'real' topics, too.  Then, as I sat listening to the news a couple of days ago, I couldn't make notes fast enough.  When I'm traveling, I get lost in the "No news" cycle.  Yeah, I see and read the papers, watch the nightly news, etc, however I never seem to have the time to write at that point.  The stories I read when I finally caught up, though, were more than worth mentioning.  Maybe you've heard some of them, perhaps not.  One thing you can count on, however, is my twisted opinion of all of them.  So...where to begin?

Let's get to the most recent - the President is going to propose legislation designed to ensure that the wealthiest of our citizens pay their fair share of the taxes.  The "Buffett Tax" is a nice gesture and, though I'm sure Warren Buffett meant it when he said he believes that wealthier Americans should pay their fair share, it certainly will make the President look good with upcoming elections.  Does it have a chance of passing?  In my opinion, maybe.  That's the best I can offer because the Republicans say they will not let it pass.  Still, the President is making the gesture.  He'll look good for the voters and still impress upon us how mean and nasty those darn Republicans are.  I'll say it again - bipartisan politics will always continue and our system was designed for it.  Bipartisan, however, was to share opposing views, then compromise.  We are doing neither.  Our political parties do not 'share' opposing views - they spew them at each other.  They do not compromise, they reach an impasse.  We, the people that elected them, are held hostage.  Enough.  Time for this to end and, for everyone that thought 'Change' was a good idea when electing the current administration, remember this when walking into your polling place next year.  Seriously, we need to really examine the candidates and not their rhetoric.  This time it might be best if we vote on past performance rather than who gives the best speech.  Just sayin'...which leads to another story I saw.

Apparently, there are a few states that have improperly paid their citizens unemployment benefits.  "How much," you ask?  Let's try to the tune of $19 Billion.  Yes, with a "B".  I'd like to point out to our elected officials that a bit more oversight is in order.  No, for the love of God, do NOT hire more people.  make do with what you have.  Private industry is suffering cutbacks and layoffs at an unprecedented level.  Time for those working for the government to understand we need to run our country as they do private businesses.  Ask Steve Jobs.  Apple, it seems, does just fine.  Anyone in DC taking notes?  How do you let $19 billion get overpaid?  Who is monitoring the system?  Perhaps, and I'm going out on a limb here, we ought to get the best qualified, caring individuals to work those government jobs.  We've all had to deal with certain government agencies...and I think most, if not all, of us would rather have a root canal.  Am I right?  How about we get someone that actually cares about their job to monitor how unemployment benefits are paid.  Oh, and while we're on the same (kinda) subject, how is it that Jersey Shore gets a $20,000 tax credit for their production company?  There you go, citizens of New Jersey - you're footing the bill for these dolts club-hopping, tanning, and acting like fools.  I'd say I might be a touch unkind, however most of New Jersey's own population feel this show makes them look bad.  It's simply wrong.  Before anyone asks, too, about my envy or jealousy of the situation, let me point out that we'd all like to have that job.  Again, partying, tanning, fighting, looking like dolts....and we'll pay you for it.  Show of hands - who'd turn it down?

Gee, I'm having a fair bit of luck with these subjects running together so let's try this one, too.  One in six families are now at or below the poverty level.  So everyone knows exactly where that level is - $23,416. Annual income.  People are doing it, too.  One in six families.  I'm accustomed to dealing with teens these days that expect to have a cell phone in one hand as they are paying with mom & dad's credit card for their new clothing.  Wait, here's a thought.  I know one guy who's paying child support alone that is half that amount annually.  How does this happen?  I'm not sure, but I would rather help a family in need that sits at that level before I supported paying illegal immigrants.  I'd want to help these families struggling to make ends meet before we cut more welfare checks for people that are sitting in an apartment, oblivious to where their kids are or what they are doing, as they light up another joint or stick a straw up their nose to get the meth in them.  Entitlements.  I'd say they've gotten quite out of control and we, as a people are tired of footing the bill.  Stop me if you disagree, please.  I realize I am ranting again, but hope this is something that will be read and was missed.  I'll keep 'em long as the government keeps doing what they.....what am I saying?  They will NEVER keep us short on topics.

Until next time..........

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