Monday, December 5, 2011

Time For A Change. A REAL Change

I used to apologize for not writing....and suppose I should again.  Really, though, I think it's more to myself than anyone.  That, or the lack of really incredible newsworthy things to rant about.  After taking a good deal of time away from blogging, I am returning.  Things have happened recently that have simmered...then reached a boiling point.  There is, shall we say, more madness running rampant.  I should have been amazed, for example, by a headline I read online today.  It read, "Seattle Welfare Recipient Lives in Million-dollar Home."  I was barely shocked which, in retrospect, says a lot in itself.How sad is it that we are all so accustomed to our broken system that we hardly question it anymore?  The couple that lives in the home receives more than $1200/month in public housing vouchers, plus state and federal disability checks...and food stamps.  Oh, and they've been receiving these benefits since 2003.  Court records also show that, in addition to living in this $1.2 million dollar home on the lake, they have travelled extensively to Turkey, Tel Aviv, and resort towns in Mexico.  Okay....seriously?  This is REAL?  Sadly, it is.  More sadly, we're paying for it.  I'm going to go out on a limb here, too, and say this is NOT an isolated incident.  My guess is they just got nailed.  As luck would have it, they have yet to be charged with a crime, either.  It seems they might have taken advantage of a loophole in the law.  Loophole?  Let's be serious - this is a hole big enough to jam the Superdome through.  While this is going on, the majority of us are left to work to pay for everything we have because, well, we were raised better.  I watched a show a few nights ago that showed couples that are receiving food stamps to supplement them.  They have jobs.  They lost their higher-paying jobs and, rather than let the government foreclose or simply walk away from their debts, they have swallowed their pride and are accepting assistance.  I, for one, am okay with that.  I do not mind helping someone until they get back on their feet.  it's what the system was designed for, I believe.  I, however, do have a problem with the folks that get pregnant with their fourth or fifth child because, "The government gives me more money for having more kids."  Serious problem...and that isn't isolated, either.

While we're at it, I'd like to jump on an e-mail circulating that supposedly has ideas generated by Warren Buffet.  Personally, I don't care whose ideas they are.  I like 'em.  The long and short of the suggestions are for members of Congress.  The suggestions are for them to have their retirement funds placed into Social Security just like the rest of us.  They must forgo their health plan and take the same plan the rest of us do.  You want better insurance?  Pay for it like we do.  They must abide by all laws as the rest of America AND THEY MAY NOT VOTE THEMSELVES A PAY RAISE...EVER!  How does that work, anyway?  How do you think my boss would react if I went to him and said, "Hey, I've been doing some thinking.  Based on what I am getting paid right now, I'm raising my income 5% next year."  Really, how long before you think I'd be unemployed?  Think I'd get the entire question out before he tossed me outside?  Yeah, neither do I.  Apparently, though, our Congressmen and women, along with Senators, think they make the rules and we are going to stand idly by.  If the sitting President had one thing right back in 2007 while he was campaigning, it was this - IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE!  I'm not the first to say it, but I will reiterate this point, too (especially in light of our friend Herman Cain's recent adventures) - "Running for office today is not about who's best for the job.  It's about who has the fewest skeletons in their closet."  That is my quote...and I stand by it.  Even still, if a candidate came out and said to us, "Yes, I tried marijuana.  I inhaled.  I had an affair on my first wife (or husband...but that's another topic).  I'm gay.  I've been in a few 'compromising positions' but here are the details.  Either way, I want to be your President."  I might actually vote for him.  Seriously, do you want that guy, or the Herman Cain guy that tells you he adamantly denies everything being said about him...then has women crawling out of the woodwork to continue the accusations?  Seriously, accusation might be someone trying to get attention or a book deal.  Two women might even be an opponent's camp trying to discredit and embarass you publicly.  Three or more is called, "The Short Goodbye."  Why even try to run for office these days with an impressive resume of women like that?  You think they won't be found?  What are you drinking?  Smoking, even!  They WILL find them.  They WILL find the drugs...or Chappaquiddick accidents...or illegitimate kids...or arrests.  You must know that.  So a little note to the candidates...and a new battle cry for the American People in the spirit of Nany Reagan - "Just Say SO!" "If you did it, admit it."  C'mon, I could go on like this for some time.  I won't though....because I just wnated to rant again.  Tomorrow might even bring a BCS an oh-so-good kinda way - ROLL TIDE!  Oh, and thanks for reading...

Until next time................

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