Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So this is blogging, huh?

Alright, folks.....some have suggested it.  A frustrated writer with WAY too much time on his hands (I don't really, but what the hell) needs to blog.  Or write.  Or type.  Or just let thoughts flow freely through his fingertips...which, I'd like to point out, has caused no end of trouble in the past.  So here it is - my simple writings for days when the FB status updates don't provide enough room.

Enough about that.  Quite simply, this is where my 'soapbox' issues will be displayed, in all their glory, for all to see and read.  My goal?  One million followers by the end of the week.  I realize I am no Charlie Sheen so I've given it a few extra days.  Charlie can do it in 24 hours on Twitter.  I can't drink like he can....though God knows I've tried at times.  I realize, too, that I have no machete, no Tigerblood (infusion coming soon), but I am (and always will be, somehow) WINNING!  Thanks Chuckles.

Send a suggestion for a topic.....or let me know how much better your life is for reading these words of wisdom. Okay, I said that in jest, but trust me......it's better than mine.  Unless, of course, you've blown your life savings on the lottery, your spouse ran away with the insurance agent, or the cable has gone out....or you're in one of those "People of Wal-Mart" web pictorials.  In that case, please send pics.  Really.

So, we're off......to see the Wizard....on the Yellow Brick Road....and into the 21st century.  A blog.  Me?  Who knew.....?


  1. Finally Dave! Hooray for you and sad for facebook! Oh well, I'll be a follower of yours!! Have a good one!

  2. You have a talent for expressing yourself in the written word, enjoyed reviewing your posts. I must admit when I saw that you had a blog (on FB), my interest was peaked because I have a new one too, and was previously oblivious to them. Now I see that you can express yourself even more than I had myself thus far. Keep those thoughts coming!

  3. I am SO happy to have something humorous, intelligent and insightful to read everyday!!! THANKS!!!!!
    Love from an "old" friend!!!!!!

  4. Thank you both, Andrea and Jeff. The kind words are a huge compliment and I appreciate it. I hope it continues to be something you read...and I, in turn, will keep writing! Thanks again!