Thursday, July 14, 2011

Casey Anthony (Yes, a little more) and Caylee's Law

So the new buzz is all over the internet and, not surprisingly, all over Facebook - Casey Anthony stands to profit from either a movie deal, a book deal, or both.  Why this is news astounds me.  Did no one see this coming?  I mean, didn't we know, even before the trial started, that this would be the ultimate outcome?  Now, we're all 'liking' the fact that we are NOT going to let her profit from anything.  We will not buy the book, we won't watch the movie.  All I can say is, "I hear ya' prove it."  Often, when things like this happen, our curiosity gets the better of us and we feel we have to know the inside story.  We have to know, in the person's words, what happened!  Here's my point of why, especially in this case, no one needs to know anything - she's a liar.  I'm not talking your run-of-the-mill, average everyday liar, either.  This wench takes it to a whole new level, don't we agree?  Let's see....Caylee is with a babysitter named Zanny.  The babysitter snatched her and was holding her ransom.  She was spending time with mommy's boyfriend and mommy in Jacksonville.  This was just for starters, too.  This piece of work lied to everyone and, most likely, her parents took part in this amazing scam as it progressed.  So, as I was saying, she's a liar...and there is no way she is going to tell the truth now.  If anyone buys a book about this case and this woman, they are, in my opinion, waiting for an answer that will not come.  Think about this - if Casey Anthony chose, she could write the book (or have someone write it for her - she isn't that well-versed) and tell the story of how she killed her daughter and there is nothing that could be done.  It's called Double Jeopardy and she cannot be tried for this crime again under any circumstances.  If you expect that, however, I think you'll be plunking down at least $24.95 for a fictionalized account of this saga.  If you expect a movie to show her killing her daughter, I think you'll be sadly mistaken.  The answers we expect are not going to be heard.  All that will come of this is a growing bank account in her name.  Quite honestly, if everyone feels she is truly guilty, then the best revenge and way to honor her daughter's memory is to avoid her like the plague.  This woman was acquitted.....for a price.  She has some incredible legal bills, I'm sure.  She might be charged for the investigations that were false and  misleading.  All of these things have put her far in debt and she now has to pay.  Why give her the opportunity?  Why help her pay the defense attorneys with your money?  Let me put this another way - anyone buying the book or watching the movie or, for that matter, advertising during a TV-movie is, in my opinion, complicit in the death of Caylee Anthony.  End of story.  She's had more than her fifteen  minutes of fame and I am tired of allowing her to permeate our lives.  She is a sick, twisted individual that should not ever have held one of the most prized and coveted titles ever - "Mother".

I also wanted to respond to the legislation that is now proposed known as Caylee's Law.  I've read both sides of this decision and have to agree with the opposition, however I need to say something to preface that.  I do not believe this woman was innocent of killing her child.  I am not a believer of hers at all.  I do, however, agree that we do not need to ever propose legislation that is based on emotion.  When we base it on emotion, there are too many variables that might eventually cause innocent people to get arrested, charged, and convicted.  The law, as proposed, needs some serious work and revision.  There are too many "what-ifs" for this to be effective.  Unfortunately, the cooler heads that will prevail will make their thoughts known during the debate phase of passing the legislation.  They will realize that, as written, this is not a good law.  I am not saying, by any means, that there shouldn't be a way to avoid another Casey Anthony mishap.  I agree that there is no way this witch should have gotten away with not reporting her daughter missing for 31 days.  Absolutely none.  The bill, though, does not say we will make it a felony if you don't report your child missing, go partying, go shopping, get a tattoo, etc.  it simply says it's a felony if you don't report your child missing within a specified period of time.  A little broad and vague, don't you agree?  it needs to be reworked, reworded, redesigned.  The concept and thoughts are headed the right direction.  I'd hate to see implementation issues.  That's all.

Again, I need to say this, too - they system did not fail.  I know we want to convict her of something...anything...however the prosecution blew it.  They made a bad call at charging someone with first-degree murder without having a true cause of death.  Absent the cause of death, there is no way to charge someone with first-degree murder.  Actually, the defense attorney that we thought was an idiot is, well, an idiot.  He didn't perform any miracles for his client.  He didn't give us a one-man 'Dream Team' like OJ Simpson had.  He is not the next coming of Gerry Spence, either.  Quite simply, he had this case won before it went to trial.  Actually, he didn't win - the other side lost.  The prosecution simply lost.  Because of their ineptitude, arrogance, and over zealousness, we now have proposed legislation that was conceived out of anger and a heartfelt wish to make Casey Anthony suffer.  Sadly, if this legislation passes anywhere near "as written" the only people suffering will be those that are wrongly accused and convicted of charges that can never accurately be proven.  Yes....I, too, am tired of giving her more than 15 minutes.....and I am guilty.  Ironically, so was she.

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