Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Change We Voted For?

Enough already.  Enough of the bipartisan shenanigans we've been witness to for...well, several years now.  The President campaigned on a message of change and promised us hope.  I've about had it with the change...because it appears, especially of late, that there is no hope.  I cannot remember anything like this in my lifetime and that's teetering on half a century.  Yeah, for all my friends that have already joined "The Club," it's been that long.  Sounds worse when put that way, huh?  As is typical, though, I digress...and I am NOT letting the Washington insiders off that easily.  So, after 50 years and never having seen a mess quite like this, what do we do?  Well, I realize this is thinking a bit "big picture," but if we re-elect the people that are causing this nightmare, we're fools.  I know I am repeating myself, but this time I DO NOT CARE if someone has skeletons in their closet.  Frankly, I don't care if their lawn is littered with them.  If they know how to govern, do what is best for the majority of the people, believe that wasteful government spending is a crime then they get my vote.  No more will I listen to the person that's best at giving a speech.  I want someone with a proven track record that's worked their way up and keeps getting elected because they did the right thing for their constituents.  Either that, or someone that has NO voting record at all and is not seduced by the 'Sounds of the Siren' emanating from capitol Hill.  In short, I want an honest man that wants to lead.  Period.

I have to admit, I was amazed at what we witnessed last evening.  The President got on prime-time television and threw mud at the Republicans.  Then, not to be outdone, Speaker Boehner did the same thing.  I was, to say the least, embarrassed by the presentation.  These are supposed to be grown men.  These are, technically, our leaders, though I am using the term extremely loosely.  I could not believe what I was seeing.  It was if I had been magically transported back to a time when the voices I heard coming from the back seat of the car said, "He's touching me!  Now, she's touching me!  Stop touching me!"  Quite honestly, I wanted to say to the President last evening that he needed to act his age.  Then it hit me.  It was then that I realized why this is happening...and what we have to look forward to.  Just as with the posts I've written discussing this newest generation we're dealing with, the President displayed an immaturity last night that was astounding.  At first I thought it was the arrogance of Washington on full display, however I firmly believe there is more to it.  It is a generational thing.  Hey, why should politicians be immune to it?  I mean, think about it - there are so many pork-barrel projects because they think they are (magic word)...entitled to them!  Nice, huh?  Here's the catch, though - they're playing these games with OUR money, Social Security, and other programs that need to be remedied not raided!

Yes, the President stood there and said, "They aren't playing fair so I'm going to show them!  Here's what you do, folks - call your Congressman and tell them you're TIRED of this and to fix the problem!" In the meantime, we have Congressional members tweeting pictures of themselves in various states of undress to multitudes of women, lying about it, then arrogantly stating (though it certainly was conduct unbecoming a Senator or representative) they would NOT RESIGN!  Why, just today we had another resignation amidst the coming scandal that an 18-year old had unwanted sexual advances made toward her.  How nice.  You guys on the Hill are rockin' the place.  Seriously.  Maybe, just maybe, we need to explain something to you.  We need to explain that the sounds you were hearing were of Jefferson, Washington, Adams, and Franklin spinning in their graves.  They would be appalled...and you should be, too.

You see, all those years ago when we were fighting for our freedom and trying to gain our independence, those men built our country.  They provided the framework for the incredible nation we live in today.  Yet none of them started campaigning for office 15 months before an election.  None of them, honestly, planned on being politicians.  They helped guide the country because they were the best and the brightest minds.  They were farmers that were also great thinkers.  They had the ability to see well into the future and provide a means by which the country would live and prosper long after they were gone.  They didn't campaign for public office and sling mud at each other.  They had great debates...disagreements...and found a common ground that was best for all.  They weren't trying to push legislation so they could put more money in their individual pockets.  They pushed legislation that would benefit the masses.  You people should be ashamed of yourselves.  If there is a God, I'd like to think he'd deliver some of those men to you in the next few evenings so you could spend time with them just as Ebenezer Scrooge spent time with his Christmas Ghosts.  It would be nice if all of you could look up at a portrait of one of our forefathers and realize how disappointed they would be with you right now.  You took an oath and promised, "To preserve, protect, and defend," our Constitution.  That oath used to mean something.  It meant you dedicated the time you had in office to advancing the lives of your constituents.  You did what was right and just.we're watching.

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  1. I do not understand how so many Americans could
    go through the last ten years with their eyes wide shut! The Bush years destroyed us period!
    From the attack on 09-11... on.
    Remember Nam? Same shit. Thousands of Americans died, the rich got richer and then all of a sudden when the war came to the streets of the USA, everybody got serious. Looks like we are headed there again, and this time I think the late sixties and seventies will look like a walk in the park. How many weapons on the streets today? Oh yeah this will be different.
    Thank Bush for 09-11 and Bush and the Republicans for for the absolute frigging mess they left this Country in. Oh and it's Obama's fault for not having it cleaned up yet? I don't think so!
    One answer, is a mandatory draft! Maybe these assholes will think twice before sending their son or daughter to war. That's a starting point then move on to the jerks who are now in office and do not know which end is up. Weed them out and start over again if need be.
    Start with the Tea Baggers, the right wing Christian conservatives, you know, like the dude in Norway or the jerk in Arizona. You know the kind, the people these terrorist listened to. They are not alone, there are many, many more waiting their turn to kill, inflict fear and their hatred wherever they can. Remember the fear card Bush and the boy's played all of those years? All the while making themselves and friends richer every day on the blood of American soldiers, none of them related by the way.
    One more thing Dave, older than you, and I have never in my lifetime ever seen the total disrespect for our Commander In Chief that is shown for Obama, and it starts at the top. Unreal!
    That's it..for now....feeling much better now.

  2. Not sure who I'm replying to, however I agree with much you said. The line that really got my interest and that I certainly agree with is the one regarding the lack of respect for the President. I could not agree more. Even if you DID NOT vote for him, the Office demands respect. You may not like Barack Obama, however he IS the President and, as such, is entitled to a degree of respect, if only for the office he holds. I get extremely irritated when I hear a broadcaster refer to him as, "Mr Obama." He is President Obama and, as I said, though you might not personally like him, it's the office we're referring to. Thanks for the reply - hope you enjoy the blog!