Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh, Those Kids...and The Week In Review

You know, a few nights ago I finally caught on to what many bloggers do and simply led everyone through the day I had.  Sorry - I really didn't want all of you to have to relive it, too.  Yes, I typically catch something on the news that I have to expound on.  Something like the fact that J-Lo and Marc have split.  Trying to blog about that is like watching paint dry.  It's boring.  I do, occasionally, get on my rant about kids and parents these days and how we are allowing them to control any and every situation they are even close to by empowering them with that control.  As a matter of fact, I can do that tonight, too.  It simply amazes me how some people can allow their children to be hurtful, conniving, devious human beings.  Then, when people are shocked and appalled and call them out on said behavior, the parents justify it.  "Oh, that's the same thing any 16-year old would do."  Well, not exactly.  They would not do it if they weren't allowed to do it.  I've said it before (and will continue to do so) - we owe it to our kids to not allow these behaviors.  Sitting with friends the past two evenings (thank you Scott & Sharon, Steph and Mike), we all seem to agree with Tom Brokaw - there has already been "The Greatest Generation"...and not just because of what they did for our country.  It's because of what they did for our parents, too.  They raised our parents to be respectful and obedient, to be appreciative and kind.  To do anything other than that would be met with harsh discipline.  Then, our parents decided there were things they didn't like as kids...and decided, when asked, that they would let us do those very things.  The same with our generation - what we did not like as kids is allowed right now.  We didn't like not being able to speak to our parents as equals or only to, "speak when you are spoken to."  Now, more than ever before, kids are allowed....encouraged, be part of adult conversations.  I was always met with the same comment when I found things unacceptable - "I prefer to choose my battles and this isn't important enough to fight."  Okay, I agree on the whole battle-choosing plan.  I really do.  My question, though, for spouses facing this predicament is, why is it that only one parent gets to decide what is important enough to fix?  If the wife doesn't think it's important, why does the husband have to sit quietly and let the improper behavior continue if it's important to him?  Hey, parents - time to work together and support each other.  If it is important to one, it must be important to both.  Period.  Unless, of course, it's about dating.  Then, the parent of the opposite sex wins.  Just my opinion...and you agree, right?  Okay, enough for this evening.  I need to be chillaxin' a bit before a Saturday morning that involves work.

Yes, it's been a long week on the road.  Heading from Birmingham to West Palm Beach was a nice, relaxing ride.  I had coffee, cold fast food, horrible service and paid about $3.89/gallon for gas.  While in West Palm, I was fortunate enough to spend time with two fun Gator fans.  Yeah, they ARE Gator fans but I love 'em anyway.  I have to admit, too, that I never realized that English really IS a second language around here.  Everywhere I went, I pressed '1' to no avail.  I was close to using sign language when buying coffee at the 7-11.  Matter of fact, I did use sign language twice this trip.  Once was when a guy cut me off in the parking lot and the other was when someone was going 65 in the left lane on the Turnpike.  I'm not sure the sign language I used was proper, though I do know it's universally accepted and understood.  Oh, so kindly, these people let me know I'm #1 in their book, too.  Anyway....where was I?  Oh, yeah, West Palm.  Convention at the Four Seasons.  On the Beach.  We're inside.  Picture problem?  A bit, however it did lead to an evening in Delray.  If you haven't been there, you need to go.  They have a great little downtown area filled with quaint little restaurants, bars, and some neon that welcomes visitors.  They are so welcoming that, on a warm, humid Tuesday evening they offer a mild drink special - $10 for well-whiskey, $20 for top-shelf - and all you can drink.  I'll tell you what I was drinking since, as many have surmised from my Facebook posts (inaccurately, I might add), people think I am imbibing regularly.  Club soda.  That's it - club soda...and I have witnesses.  Admittedly, it might have made the evening better HAD I been drinking, but I doubt it.  The company was great - five of us had a great time and it was one of the highlights of this trip.  Of course, so was the pizza we had for dinner last night.  I forget the name, but think Italian sausage, spinach, olive oil and garlic.  This stuff was damn good and I will go back.  Then, it was home to pack, say goodbye to my southern family, and head on to Orlando where, as I said, I'm working tomorrow.  I give it until about 1:00 before the car is fired up and headed back to Alabama.  Maybe sooner?  Wishful thinking only, I fear.  No worries, we'll talk again soon.

Until next time.......

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