Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And The Heats Just Keep On Comin'.....

I could say, "Wow, it's hot," but I'm thinking most of you got that news flash yesterday.  Hot doesn't even seem to describe it.  I'm not sure I can even give an example of how it feels.  I will, however, give it a go.  So imagine standing in a room facing a wall that has air blowing in toward you.  The wall behind you is an exhaust - it's allowing all the air to move past you and out of the room.  Did I mention that, on the other side of the 'intake wall' there's a furnace?  Think one of those high-powered blast furnaces whose air temps are about 120 degrees.  Stand there....for hours.  That's fairly close to what the ride has been like.  Don't misunderstand - this is NOT a complaint.  I don't want anyone thinking we'd rather be cramped in a plane with people sneezing, kids whining, and flight attendants bemoaning the fact that I'd like another cup of lukewarm light brown liquid masquerading as coffee.  No, thank you.  I'll take my chances on the road.

Today was a better day, though.  We were out of Shreveport, LA at 7:00 CST and in TX before 7:30.  You have to love mile markers, too, don't you?  In most states, when traveling east to west and the numbers decrease, you usually enter the state and see their first marker that reads, "231," or "188."  Great, only 231 miles until we get to the next state.  Uh-huh.  Get to Texas and the first mile marker you see starts with a "6"...as in, "632."  Day-umm....that's a LOT of miles for one state.  Dallas is close, though.  It was a quick 3-hour jaunt from Shreveport and we got here relatively unscathed.  Relatively.  Immediately after the first refueling of the morning, roughly 80 miles after departure, we headed back to the highway.  That's when I found out the cruise control failed.  Miserably.  Yeah, I know - cruise control certainly isn't 'old school'.  When you're riding over 1,000 miles one way on the journey, it's a necessity.  Kind of hard to kick back and relax without it.  This information, however, was withheld from two of the other riders - the Honda-riding contingent.  I was thankful yesterday that Bill's tire went bad....so to speak.  It took a lot of heat off me (figuratively, of course).  No way was I telling them there were more Harley issues. 

So there we were, almost to Dallas - the sign showed only 31 miles to go.  That's when the idiocy began.  I'm not sure I've ever seen this kind of madness before.  The traffic through downtown Dallas was fun...if you consider dodging moving projectiles shaped like cars to be fun.  Lane change?  They had 'em.  Turn signals?  Them, they ain't got.  This was unreal!  I did think a few drivers were important enough to let them know they were #1 in my heart, though.  Hard to do with no cruise control, too.  Finally, we arrived.  Relief at last.  Wiat...cruise control.  Damn it.  One quick call to the Harley delaership and all is well - they can fix it.  Fast.  I left Bill and headed on my way - a mere 14 miles.  Yes....it was still HOT.  Shocked, I know.  I get there and find out right away why they can get me in so quickly.  I met Al, the Service Dept. Mgr - "How you handling the heat?"

"We're not, Al.  I want to know how you guys handle it."

"We don't.  It's never been this hot.  108 should be a record."

"Good to know.  Thanks for sharing.  Still, thanks for getting me in so fast."

"No problem.  We're slow lately.  No one down here's riding.  It's too hot."

"Yeah, Al.....I gathered."  I really needed no one telling me it was hot, nor letting me know we're idiots for riding in said heat.  We all know it.  I waited a short hour (as if there's a difference between a 'long' and 'short' hour) before heading back in the now-suffocating heat.  I mentioned the temperature earlier, right?  Hot.  I was seriously expecting a dude with red cape, horns, and a pitchfork laughing as I rode down the highway.  He would have been the Honda rider.  Anyway, we're in for the night (I think) after sampling true Mexican food (who knew in Dallas, right?) at, of all places, the Shell station.  Before you think I meant microwaveable burritos, let's reconsider.  It was the Green Chili Grill...something like the Subways or Wendy's they put in our gas stations over yonder in the east and north.  These burritos were made to order and were absolutely huge....and great.  We sat and talked with the owner for about a half hour asking about his business.  Trust me, we'll be lucky to see these popping up in other areas if you like Mexican food.  These places are Taco Bell-devastating.  Like spicy?  They got it?  Like taste?  They got it?  Want to....wait.....there it is again - more of the taste.  A few hours later and it's still there.  THAT good.  So, we're off to the Sales Meeting tomorrow.  Two days of intense education and learning.  Something like that, anyway.  At least we'll be inside.  It will be cool...I hope.  You've heard the last of, "It's HOT," for a few days.  At least until we head home Friday night.  Then I'll whine because I can't see.  Always something, right?

Until next time............

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