Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'd Talk About The Kangaroo...But I Got Nothin'.....

Yeah, so....a kangaroo walks into a bar.  That really didn't happen.  I made it up.  Like I said in tonight's title - I got nothin' today.  Not actually true, but it's been one of those days.  You know the kind.  You sit down after work and think, "They don't make enough....well, cope with days like this."  Then you turn on the Evening News and just know it's going to be better, right?  Seriously?  None of you thinks that, do you?  Ever seen a good story on the news?  Neither have I...or so I thought.  Amazingly, Brian Williams and NBC choose to make a liar out of me tonight.  Their lead story, as a matter of fact, was about Joplin, MO and how, after a mere three months, they honored their vow of opening the schools on time.  This, after the town was nearly blown off the map by an F-5 tornado.  Nice story.  The kids have moved into their new school, they all received new computers and, most importantly, the teachers seem to have incorporated 'hugs' into the new curriculum.  These kids are still scared and are returning to normal lives.  The district, wisely, built new concrete shelters behind the school should these vicious storms ever attack again.  So there you have it - thanks Brian.  Great story.  Sadly, that's where it ended.

The next story was of the 17-year old student in Tampa that planned, according to his minute-by-minute details, on killing many at his former high school.  Police received an anonymous tip and found a lot of bomb-making materials at his home.  He had been expelled last year and this year decided he wanted to make them pay.  He actually, in his manifesto, stated that he wanted this to be bigger than Columbine.  Maybe it's time to ask again - Parents, where are you?  How does your kid get bomb-making materials into the house (and a large quantity at that!) without your knowledge?  My only guess is that maybe, just maybe...someone's asleep at the wheel here.  Maybe mom and dad were working too hard to give this kid everything he wanted...and things he didn't need.  I wouldn't be surprised if the kid drove a new BMW, had a Rolex, and was selling drugs which, by the way, he listed as what he wanted to study later in life.  How to grow marijuana.  Mom?  Dad?  Ever SEEN this kid's Facebook page?  Really?  I didn't think so.  Just a suggestion - pay closer attention, please!!  The lives you save might be mine or my families.  Thank you.  AAAGGGHHHHHH!  Thanks - much better now.

Lastly today, there's the story of the brain-eating amoebas that have killed three people already.  really?  This isn't a Dustin Hoffman-type movie where everyone runs around in those yellow suits and the funky headgear?  It's...REAL?  Okay, then I'm done.  When there are those little amoeba things killing kids, I'm at the end of the line.  I thought this was going to be a slow week...and even thought I didn't have anything to write about.  Actually, it appears I really didn't.  I used these stories as filler.  You enjoyed them, though, right?  At least I didn't delve into the Real Housewives husband that hung himself.  Yeah, don't ask.  Like I said, though, it's been one of those days.  Time for me to "put 'em up in front of the TV and relax."  We'll see.  I expect the phone will ring next and I'll be stuck hiding from the IRS.  Wait....already doing that.  Forget I said anything.  About....oh, never mind.  We'll talk soon.

Until next time..........

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