Monday, August 15, 2011

Seriously....Consider A Motorcycle...In Several Ways

Okay, maybe it doesn't sound like the best advice.  When I say "consider" a motorcycle, I mean buying well as considering them when you are in a car.  I know, I know.  It sounds a bit strange after we had them under us for about 1800 miles just over a week ago.  It was a great trip to Dallas and, after only a week of parking it in the garage, it was time to go again.  Not to Dallas - just riding.  This past weekend was perfect for riding and we decided a trip out o frown was in order.  I have to say, I drive a lot.  I mean, really - A LOT.  The car, though, only lets you experience the road a certain way.  Well, yeah, it's true you don't get bugs in your teeth when your in a car, but they're mostly protein anyway.  Few carbs, really, depending on which specific....why am I even discussing this?  Forget that part.  It's true, though - you're behind a windshield and enclosed in a car.  I realize air-conditioning is a plus when it's 117 degrees outside, but you don't get to 'feel' the experience.  When the weather is good, the roads aren't crowded, and your mind is clouded, there is nothing better than a trip on the bike.  Imagine it - a winding country road with fields on either side, the sun shining down on you, the music turned up enough so you don't sound bad when you sing along.  IF I sang along.  Not me.  Never.  I said, "If," you sang along.  There is absolutely nothing that beats it.  The country road winds past the fields and farms, then turns past the hills to an area that has overgrown trees on both sides, providing shade and cooler temps.  You get to smell all the scents you cannot experience in a car, too...which is fine provided none of the farms are chicken or dairy farms.  The road winds down and around the bend and crosses over a small creek.  You can almost hear the sound of the water against the rocks over your singing to the....wait, I wasn't singing.  Never mind.  You grasp the concept.  It was, and will remain, one of the few times and places I can clear my mind and block out any distractions.  You and the road - seriously, consider it.  Consider that my 'mental health' tip of the day.

The other thing, and it might be a drawback when considering a bike, is the lack of consideration on the part of our four-wheel friends.  Seriously, everyone please watch for motorcycles.  We experienced some of the biggest, well....I can only say it one way - inconsiderate idiots...on the way home from Dallas.  It happened this weekend, too.  I know I complain often about people getting in the passing lane and not passing.  For those that need clarification, the left lane on the Interstate is considered the "Passing Lane."  If you get into that lane, please use the right foot and push the big pedal a little harder.  make the car go a little, well, faster.  get it past the other cars and then...get back to the right!  I know - a little harsh, huh?  No, it's NOT!  You people sit in that lane and...wait...those people sit in that lane and ride side-by-side for the next 40 miles.  You are definitely #1 in my book.  No worries, I'll let you know, too.  Please use your mirrors and, more importantly, your TURN SIGNALS.  If I had to guess, based on yesterday's ride, I'd say that they were making turn signals an option on most cars.  Friends, it's typically the lever on the left side of the steering wheel.  You either push it up or pull it down to indicate you're turning.  There - your remedial lesson for the day.  Sarcasm?  You betcha'!  Anyway, it was just a great day on the bike, even considering the people that were out for a Sunday stroll and decided to take their car along.  We had a good time.  Oh, and if you seriously DO consider getting a bike, make it a REAL bike.  See photo attached below!

Until next time............

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