Monday, August 1, 2011

The Ride Is On....and So Is The Heat

We made it...almost.  Wait...maybe it'd be better if I backed up and started from the beginning.  My apologies - I have not written for a few days because, well.....there's been a lot going on.  I know that's no excuse.  I also know you're saying, "Stop already and let's hear these tales of getting to Dallas."  Okay, here's the story - it's hot.  Seriously hot.  Hotter than I ever remember while riding.  HOT.  You get the idea, right.  Two of us left Birmingham yesterday morning, Sunday, at 9:00 a.m.  It was already 84 degrees and, though we were riding a brisk 75 mph, the heat could be felt but was also bearable.  Did I mention it's hot?  Made it to Mobile, AL mid-afternoon and settled in.  No reservations.  Yeah, I see.  THAT'S how this trip is going to go, eh?  We can handle it - no worries because they had rooms anyway.  Seriously, did we have to go through the whole ordeal of looking up reservations if you have empty rooms?  It's hot - let's just get it out of the way.  Pool, huh?'re forgiven.  Moments later the other duo of this foursome made it to the hotel.  "No," to answer your question.  We did NOT tell them about the reservations.  Always fun to share the irritation.  if I could, I'd share the pictures taken in the room on the third floor that had a pillow semi-covered with ants.  Brand new hotel - ants.  Hey, it was good for a free night.  No, ANY Marriott Courtyard.  Wait...I wasn't supposed to say which hotel.  Forget I mentioned it.  Thank you, Hilton.  I will continue to stay at your hotels.

This morning saw us up at 5:00, breakfast by 5:30, then back in bed until 8:00.  Okay, that's a lie, but why should the Marx Brothers have all the fun?  Seriously, we rolled out at 6:00 after a quick cup of coffee.  Bill tried starting his bike as it was 'iffy' yesterday.  Beautiful - it turned over.  Bill, it's 6:00 a.m.  perhaps it best to turn it off until we're all ready to leave.  Remember how the trip was going with the reservations?  Class participation part - who can tell me what happened when we started to take off for Shreveport and it was time for Bill to start his bike again?  Exactly - no juice.  Ah, the Keystone Kops head on a bike trip.  Fifteen minutes later, bike's fixed and we're on our way.  Loose battery wire.  Minor issue and we're headed to Jackson, MS for a work day.  The first gas stop was a bit interesting, too.  It seems Bill noticed he might have a cut on his front tire and, lo and behold, there are a few cords coming through the rubber.  Let's see...we need a new tire now and have only, oh...180 miles to ride.  Did I NOT say this was an adventure?  Again with the "iffy" part - me riding behind him waiting for the tire to blow and wondering if I can be evasive enough to miss him should the bike hit the pavement.  Yes, just the kind of "fun" we live for apparently.  We finally made it to Jackson, breathed a quick sigh of relief, and headed to the Harley dealership.  Upon entering the Service Department, Clyde (name withheld to protect the idiot) says to Bill, "You are planning on leaving it with us, right?"  Bill, you better figure something out.  You will NOT be riding bitc.....I mean, on the back, of our bikes.  Get it fixed.  That was when we found out what they consider a "minnow" in Mississippi.  Actually, the pronunciation is the same, the letters are different.  It's a MINO - Money Is No Object.  A mere $253.86 later, we're back on the 2:30.  Anyone know how hot it gets at 2:30 in Jackson, MS?  We do...and it ain't pretty.  Our last gas stop came at about 4:15 and, after checking on the elaborately-equipped Gold Wings, we heard the good news - 117 degrees in the shade.  This is the temperature with, apparently, the heat coming from the asphalt.  I can tell you, too, how long you can ride in that weather.  Not long.  We finally hit Shreveport at about 5:30 where I, personally, had to climb of f the bike and lie down.  Heat stroke was well on its way.  Again, it's's hot.

Now, because I thought I'd better let all know I still exist, I wanted to write to share these adventures in madness with everyone.  I have to make it short, though, because my fingers are getting numb.  We have the room temperature set, shall we say, low for the night.  Better for sleeping.  Quite honestly, I'm hoping it takes until about 11:00 tomorrow morning for me to thaw.  Why?'s hot.  Say a prayer, please, that the rest of the trip is adventurous so I have something to share.  Something other than the damn heat, anyway.

Until next time............

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