Monday, August 8, 2011

And I Was Worried About MY Credit Score.....

So, you're all watching, I know.  The Dow plummeted today, along with the other markets.  Our credit, so I've heard, is in the tank.  I decided, on our mighty little jaunt from Dallas, to listen to the news rather than my iPod.  Wish I'd rethought that one.  The news came across my radio at 7:20 on Saturday morning - "The US credit rating has officially been downgraded."  China feels it necessary to state their opinions as we seem to owe them some scratch.  Okay, I get that, too.  They feel we need to stop spending money on our military and our "bloated social programs."  Yep, I get that one, too.  We seem to have our military stationed in more than a few hot spots right now...and have for some time.  Those costs are draining us.  Our foriegn aid is draining us, too.  I suppose that is one of the social programs of which they spoke.  Sadly, the President made his comments know as well...and that's when I thought I was going to fall off the bike.  Yes, after hearing this news, all the president could come up with was, "We're attributing this to a clerical error."  Really?  Seriously?  Mr Presidnet, PLEASE tell me you have something better than THAT.  A clerical error.  Like, someone moved a decimal point 16 places too far to the right?  Are you KIDDING ME?

Folks, I have to say what I hope we're all thinking - we're in trouble here.  We're hemorraging cash and it isn't stopping.  What was the other report I heard last week?  Apple has more money than the United States.  Granted, an iPad from the governement would have taken 12 years longer to get to market, would have had to go through so many different agency-approvals, and would have come in well over budget.  Apple, meanwhile, has Steve Jobs telling people to, "Make it happen," and "Get it done," and they do.  Go figure.  The economy is still in the tank and I, for one, am extremely tired of hearing everything blamed on President George Bush.  I'll give you this one - he might have been a bit of a, well....buffoon, at times.  He said things that were Saturday Night Live fodder for 8 years.  Face it, we loved to hear him screw things up, BUT I submit this to you - President Bush, just as with President Obama, is not the sole reason we are in this predicament.  Let me explain a bit of what I learned from Ira "Bud" Geiselman, our POD (Problems of Democracy) teacher in case any of us forget - Our system is comprised of checks and balances.  The three branches of government keep the others "in check" and provide a measure of "balance."  If we want to look at how we truly got here, my friends, we need to examine not only the White House, but the good ol' boys on Capitol Hill.  The President cannot control everything that happens (as was evidenced by last week's fiasco and everything leading up to it), and the House and Senate have considerable control, too.  They have at least as much influence on our nation's demise as the houseguest residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

So, here's my question to you, my fellow Americans - Are we going to sit blithely by and watch this incredibly beautiful country with a democratic process that is the model for the world perish?  Will we allow not only the President, but the esteemed members of Congress take this country down a path that provides little, if anything, for our children and grandchildren?  WE have the control...and we have it every 2-4 years.  Only we can stop the madness of this ridiculous wasteful spending.  Want a real eye-opener?  Get your hands on the Congressional Record.  Check a bill and see how much "pork" there is.  We have wasteful spending that would make you weep...yet we continue to elect the same people again and again.  Enough already!  I do not care if they inhaled, snorted something, took an LSD trip - as long as that was in their past and they don't do it now.  As long as they know the difference between spending and theft of the American people.  As long as they consider that we have far too many homeless individuals, notably children.  As long as they realize that there are ways to spend our money that do not line the pockets of individuals.  As long as, quite honestly, they want to save our country and can say, without a doubt, that they have the interests of the country above their own and their reelection.  Those are the people I want leading us.  Seriously, do you care of they smoked marijuana in college...or do you care if they can run a business and keep it in the black.  My guess is that Steve Jobs lit up a time or two.  He seems to be doing fine.  There...I've said my peace for the evening.  Let's see if anyone agrees or disagrees.  Yep, you can tell, can't you - I'm baaacccckkkk!

Until next time.................

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