Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blocked! Oh, and Retro Stuff...

I know a lot of people blog about their everyday activities.  Some of them are very good and lead really exciting lives, apparently.  Others, often can you read about Bob going to the refrigerator to make a sandwich?  I suppose it depends on the type of sandwich, but I don't think so.  Anyway, as I sat here deciding what the topic would be, I realized I had the dreaded 'Writer's Block'.  Actually, you probably have to be a writer to have that, so let's just say I am blocked.  With my writing.  Only.  For real.  Then, I looked into the kitchen and what, to my surprise, do you think I saw?  You probably won't guess, so I'll step up and tell you - Cap'n Crunch!  Not Captain Crunch.....Cap'n Crunch.  Remember him?  It got me thinking about all the other cereals of days gone by that we used to long for when we were kids.  I'm sure we all remember going to the grocery store with Mom.  She actually hated that aisle.  It was the one aisle through which Mom would actually sprint to get to the other end.  There were times we'd watch her make the turn from the canned soups and vegetables and, as she was gearing up to hit our 'hallowed ground', she would do the whole 'neck move from side to side' to loosen up a bit.  I swear, toward the end of the canned aisle, she actually stretched her legs a bit so she wouldn't get a muscle spasm and get stuck in the cereals.  There were a few times she even tried to divert our attention by sending us to get paper towels or toilet paper.  We caught on.  Oh, it took about four or five times, but we busted her.

Once we hit our beloved aisle, we saw those beautifully colored boxes with the pictures of the animated characters.  Tony the Tiger on Frosted Flakes.  That goofy little frog on Sugar Smacks.  Remember those?  Then there were the ones they introduced Count Chocula and FrankenBerry.  Seriously, chocolate flavored cereal...and strawberry flavored, too?  Easy to figure out when the parent companies sold mix for chocolate and strawberry-flavored milk.  It's what was left in the bottom of the bowl along with our beloved sugar!  There were others, too, and I know I am dating myself when I mention these.  Remember Quake and Quisp?  I can't remember the taste of either, but they were cereals we had to have.  Mom, of course, always found the Cream of Wheat for those cold winter mornings.  We never ate it, but I'm sure it was great for those cold winter mornings.  How about Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles?  Then there was Honey Combs, Lucky Charms, Trix, Froot Loops, Chex, Cheerios, and Life.  Mikey dug that one, didn't he?

Like I said, Mom hated that aisle.  I can't tell you how many horrible-tasting cereals we bought to get the secret decoder ring.  Or the magic tricks.  Or the little plastic 'twirly thing' that flew into the air when you slid it up the rod.  Okay, that last line sounded like something I'd dig through a cereal box for even now. How demented.  Sorry.  There were a few other aisles that Mom hated, too, though stores like Wal-Mart would've worn her out.  Seriously, toys in a grocery store?  It was bad enough that I wanted to water pistol or rubber ball that would bounce to the neighbor's roof, but when I asked for the handcuffs she drew the line.  Wow....again, it appears there's an aisle I'd be happy to peruse even now.  Mom used to hate having to keep my sister and I from wrecking the place, too.  Admit it, most of you were just as bad.  I know because I saw you.  if you had siblings, pushing the cart was the big deal.  Then, when Mom averted her gaze, you took full advantage and ran into your sibling with said cart.  Oh, you know you did.  You wanted to catch them just right, too, when they had their back turned.  Then, as you eased up on them, you'd *BAM* clip 'em with the front edge of the cart.  This was mere seconds before the palm of Mom's hand hit the back of your head, or, if she was in a really bad mood, she'd stop what she was doing, turn to face you, grab your shirt collar, then lift you to her level so her eyes were mere inches from yours.  The first threat started the same way every time - "Young man, if I have to tell you...."  It was like clockwork.  Each one was gradually more intense until you hit the dreaded, "Listen, you little sh**, if I tell you one more time I will redden your ass right here.  Got a problem with that?"  Mom loved me.  I was her favorite.  Let's not base it on this story alone, shall we?

I remember many other 'Retro Scenarios' that are fun when I revisit them.  I might have to keep sharing these as they seem to be both amusing, cathartic, and fond memories all in one telling.  Thanks for reading...and remembering...with me.

PS.  The 'look' of the blog has changed, yes.  I hope to make it something that is easy to read and appealing at the same time.  How does it look?  The font okay?  Easy to read?  How nice that I am concerned with my readers every whim.....sorta.  Thanks again - throw the input out there for me!

Until next time..........

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