Monday, June 6, 2011

One More Time, Huh?

Well, well, well.  Here we go again.  So, Rep Weiner lied.  Should any of us be surprised?  I'm not...and don't think anyone else is either.  Let's face it, when he was asked, point blank, a yes or no question, instead of giving a simple response he gave an answer that took five minutes.  In those five minutes, he neither confirmed nor denied.  It was a YES or No question, for crying out loud!  I am not surprised or shocked.  I am disgusted.  In a time when all we ask for is someone in politics to be honest and represent his constituents, all we get is deceit.  In a country where opponents tear people's private lives apart prior to an election and sling mud everywhere they can, this idiot lied to the American public on national television...and says he should not resign because it won't affect the way he governs.  I am disgusted because he is dishonest.  It's one thing to THINK a politician dishonest.  It's another altogether to have it proven  and him remain in office.  Please understand - this is not a 'holier than thou' type thing.  This is someone the public has entrusted with representing him...and I, for one, do not think he should remain in office.  I am tired of politicians doing whatever is necessary to gain office, only to do whatever they please once they are there.  You are abusing the office and our trust, all while sullying the reputation of a government that we are trying, desperately, to be proud of.  I am calling for him to leave office...and every one he represents should do the same.  He is a loser, arrogantly proclaiming her will not leave office.  This needs to stop.  We deserve better and right now he has not shown me he is any better than a spoiled rich kid who is thumbing his nose at the country.

Another thing that must stop, and something I have mentioned to more than a few of you, is the inability of teachers to discipline in their classrooms.  Yes, if you watched the Today Show (lots of material, by the way) this morning, you saw a 64-year old female teacher with an unblemished record that has been arrested for felony child abuse.  Why?  Because one of her students was trying to intimidate her, getting in her face, calling her names like, "You F***ing C**t," and "You ugly F***ing Bit**."  The teacher, as was evidenced by the video shot by another student, was clearly worried and scared.  He was literally in her face trying to intimidate her and provoking a fight.  She swung, hit him, and cut his lip.  She has had action taken against her beyond being arrested and it's time, too, that THIS MUST STOP!  Where the hell are the parents?  This kid should have been taken and beaten by a principal or parent.  he was a few inches taller and much younger.  He was trying to get her to react, all while another student was yelling that the teacher, "can't call him stupid, and can't touch him."  They know it.  The kids know the teacher cannot react so they do whatever they can to harass and intimidate, all while encouraging the adult, already scared about what could happen, to react.  THIS HAS GOT TO END NOW.  I would like to call for legislation to allow corporal punishment in all 50 states.  We need to restore discipline to our classrooms.  Trust me (and I said it before), abuse is a chronic, ongoing situation.  Discipline is a one-time thing.  This teacher could have been injured but we will only worry about the rights of the child.  Sadly, this was not a child and we will not say "enough" until a teacher is injured or, worse, killed.

These situations require our immediate attention.  We can no longer sit idle and say this is okay.  It isn't and we need to make it stop NOW.  I'm not letting this one go.

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