Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Really? You're a Grown-Up? How about acting like one.....

I pretty much swore I wasn't going to write about this in the blog.  I was saving this juicy topic for a book.  There is so much material, it could be a book in itself.  I'm referring to the newly-anointed 'grown-ups' of the world - the recent graduates of high school...and some still in high school.  I know we've discussed it before, but I am still in shock at how these (sorry, to me they are) kids act at times.  Their attitudes, their sense of entitlement, their unbelievably harsh tone when speaking to the real grown-ups of the world.  Yes, I should have said 'their elders', but you ain't putting me in that group yet.  Elderly, I'm not...and I know I don't have to look far for agreement.  You all still think I'm a kid.  What?  Oh, okay.  Got it.  I act like a kid.  Well, agreed....but I digress.

I am amazed, like I said, at their sense of entitlement.  Who ever told these kids that they should have mom and dad be the responsible parties for their cars, their insurance, their bills?  Yeah, you know as well as I do who's responsible.  We, collectively, are.  The parents.  Those of us that succumbed to the pressure of, "Susie got a new BMW, Daddy!  I want one, too!"  Hey, don't look now, but Susie is jumping off the bridge (our parents made that one famous, huh?) and she wants you to join her.  Interested?  Seriously, there is a 16-year old girl that is in high school here in Alabama whose parents just bought her....wait for it...a brand new.....Hummer!  Really?  I have a quick question for those parents - what the hell are you thinking?  Well, that's just great.  Taught your kid that all they have to do is whine a little and not take 'no' for an answer, and there you are with the keys to a monster truck.  Good on ya', folks.  Did I mention, too, that one of these kids, I believe of the 'New BMW Owner' fame, took it out last week and rolled it over?  Safe car, I agree, but did I mention that the kid was killed anyway?  I think it's important to note here that I would prefer to be the parent that said no to the parent that is going to the funeral.  My kid can hate me all they long as they are alive to hate me.

Then you have the kids who get to go to the beach for their graduation present.  Nice gift and well-deserved after those 12 long years.  Might I suggest, parents, that you remember to ask questions, too?  I mean, it's your money, you're allowed to ask things like, "Who is staying with you?  Will you please call when you get there?  Will you check in daily?"  It's okay...unless you don't want to spoil their fun.  Hey, let me tell you something - spoil their fun.  It's a whole lot better than finding out your kid...let's say a daughter...met a few boys and let them stay in her room with she and a friend.  Unless, of course, you want to be grandparents before college starts.  They wouldn't do that?  Yeah, you're probably right...and by the way, the boys your daughter doesn't know but allowed into her room probably wouldn't rape her, either.  Good call.

The biggest complaint I have, though, is the attitude they're dealing lately.  I swear to God, had I even imagined speaking to my parents like that I would have been beaten to within an inch of my life.  Okay, maybe that's a little extreme...but they would not have allowed it.  How dare you speak to any adult that way and with that tone?  Bill Cosby really said it best - "I brought you into this world and I can take you out.  Make another one that looks just like you."  Go Bill - I agree.  The message is simple (and covered the other night about inconsideration) - understand and appreciate what others are doing for you.  Say thank you and speak kindly to them.  They do not have to do nice things for you so stop expecting it, you little smartasses!  The reasons we've gotten here are many and the solutions will be easy to find, yet harder to implement.  We are struggling against time and the years we've allowed this.  It must change, though.  We cannot allow an entire generation to grow up thinking that life is going to be handed to them.  To think that they will all get raises and promotions just because they work here.  Think youth sports where everyone gets a trophy.  Life isn't like that, folks...and I don't care if your kid got his feelings hurt or not when he didn't get a trophy.  Maybe he'll learn the American Way because we didn't give him a trophy.  Maybe...just maybe...he'll learn respect toward others, too.

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