Friday, June 24, 2011

Death of A Two-Year Old

I happened to be in Orlando a few weeks ago and the continuing trial of Casey Anthony was being broadcast on the local NBC affiliate.  It's something they show everyday while network programming is shown on their other channel.  The day I had a chance to watch some of the trial was the day Casey got sick as she sat at the defense table.  By now, I'm sure many of you are tired of hearing of about it.  Let's convict her already, right?  As I ask that question, some of you might even be wondering if that is the side of the argument I will take.  While I pride myself on being able to, in most cases, argue either side of a debate, this is one with which I would have serious difficulty.  They are going with the defense that this little two-year old drowned.  Sorry, but.....Daddy ain't buyin'.

This woman, from the bits I have seen, has presented nothing but contradictory evidence and lies from the outset.  This is a mother that, quite frankly, simply did not want to be burdened with having a child in her life.  How can I say that?  Easily, it has to be the most damning piece of evidence to date - she did not even report the girl missing for 31 days.  31 DAYS!!!  How many people, parents or not, could have a two-year old in their care and not freak after the child went missing for 31 minutes, much less days?  In those 31 days, they have pictures of her partying with friends in bars and nightclubs.  Again, I ask - how many people could do anything but search for a missing child?  She has admitted to concocting a story about a fictitious nanny taking the child.  The neighbor that testified said that, on the day Caylee went missing, Casey backed her car into the parent's driveway and into the garage, something she had never done previously.  This same girl, the one that never spoke to said neighbor, decided on that day she would go next door and borrow tape and a shovel.  Hel-lo!  I'm starting to point fingers already.  Later, Momma Anthony (grandmother) calls 911 and tells them the car smells like a dead body has been in there.  RED FLAG!  Computer searches revealed Google searches for 'chloroform'.  MORE RED FLAG!  The day I watched the trial, they also showed the medical examiner detailing how the duct tape was over the baby's mouth and nose and, I believe, they said the body and head were found in separate bags.  Can't remember exactly.  I think that was when i got physically ill.

Now, they're going with a defense of drowning.  A two-year old slid a glass door open, walked outside, climbed a ladder, fell in the pool and drowned.  I know we don't think that a child that age could accomplish that, but I do.  I believe all those things could have happened just as they said.  Here is the hitch in that entire theory, in my opinion - 911.  That's it, plain and simple.  My problem with that theory is 911.  My question for the entire family trying to perpetuate this myth is, "Why did you not dial 911?"  If a child drowns, we can all admit it is a tragedy.  It is a tragedy if anyone drowns.  Why, though, would you not call the police or EMS?  If this was accidental, you now want me to believe you knew she was already deceased so you didn't bother calling the authorities.  You simply wrapped her in garbage bags, then put her in a second to hide the smell, then buried her in a wooded area....because she 'accidentally' drowned?  Dear Anthony family, I believe PT Barnum said it best (at least I think it was ol' PT) when he said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."  Your story doesn't make sense.  I probably would have been relieved of Jury Duty for this case.  I had the "Hang 'Em High" attitude with this piece of dirt from the beginning.  A child is dead and you were out partying.  Even if she drowned, you covered it up.  In this day and age, when there are so many people going to fertility clinics, did you not think to put her up for adoption?  You could've made a bundle as she was an adorable child.  Then, with your 'winnings', you would have had plenty of time to party with your boyfriend...or girlfriend...or both.  Sadly, you are a confused woman.  There are many of us that have children we don't get to see enough, nor have the best relationships with at all times.  Even when our kids tell us they "hate us and don't ever want to talk to us again," our love for them is beyond belief.  To think you took that little girl and killed her is too much for anyone to comprehend.  I find this hard to type, but you don't deserve to die.  You deserve to suffer.  Sadly, none of us thinks your worth keeping on the public dole.  One quick flip of the switch and we can save a lot of money for the amount of time you'll spend behind bars.

Then again, it might happen.  You might actually walk.  As much as it pains everyone to hear that, remember this - it takes only one person on the jury and they can always claim there was 'reasonable doubt'.  Yes, you would actually have to be a moron to vote that way, but it's happened before.  Anyone else remember OJ Simpson?  That was about as clear-cut a case as I've seen and we had to wait years before that scumbag was locked up.  The Goldmans' lost a son and Nicole Brown's children lost their mother.  OJ kept golfing.  How he could even show his face again was beyond me, but he did it.  Lost the civil case and kept on golfing.  Grrrrrr.  Want to guess how I really felt?  For the sake of everyone involved...and the public in general, let's hope they get it right.

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