Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today's News of the Weird

Sorry, Gang, but it's been a long day and The Voice is about to come on.  I have to be in front of the TV so I can see Dia Frampton (write it down) win the contest.  I've spent time trying to figure out exactly who she sounds like and the answer, I think, one, really.  As I've watched these past several weeks, what I've come to realize is that she is the next Sarah Maclachlan.  She plays piano well, can belt out a tune, and is somewhat shy and reserved.  If not Dia, it will have to be Javier.  Incredible voice, too, and when he sang with Adam Levine last evening, they rocked the place.  Actually, they all did, both alone and in their duets with their coaches.  If you haven't seen this show, say goodbye to American Idol.  Blows it away and there is a different feel altogether.  I'm kinda diggin' this one.  Oh, of the weird.  Almost forgot.

First up, the lady that had her husband's body exhumed because he was buried with someone else's dentures.  Uh, yeah.  Really?  Just a shot in the dark here, but why not make another set?  Take it from me, if those bad boys were in the casket, I'm thinking they aren't going in my mouth again.  he can keep them.  Thanks anyway.

Charlie Sheen has admitted to doing steroids for his role in, "Major League".  Okay, listen - they're drugs.  Charlie Sheen.  What are we having a picture problem with and why can we not connect those dots??

Lastly, the presidential race has begun.  Not really, but we have almost a year and a half before we go to the election booth.  Really, do we have to do this already?  I want to propose a law - no political ads on TV prior to one week before the Iowa Caucuses.  Who's with me?

Seriously, dear readers, I have to cut out early tonight - it's on....and you should be watching.  We're taking bets.  Who's got the action?  Talk to you soon and, as always, thanks for reading!

Until next time.......

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