Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter and the end of Spring Break...and missing 'The Girl'.

First, let me say, "Happy Easter," to everyone.  I hope it was a day filled with kids, family, and that awesome feast I remember from childhood.  I realize there are times when I am reminiscing frequently.  I'm getting old - sue me.  I'm tucking these memories away for that time, which is sure to come, when I'll be looking into a mirror trying to figure out who's staring back at me.  Probably offer him fifty bucks to tell me his name...then get into a fight because he keeps repeating everything I'm saying.  Seems to know it before I say it, too....go figure. 

I had a strange thought of Easter this morning.  I mean, I remember coloring eggs.  I hope parents are still spending time with their kids doing that.  Seriously, y'all aren't just buying those plastic colored things, are you?  I remember it was a bit of a treat for us and our 'artistic' abilities.  Mom would always but the 4-pack of bottled dyes.  The little glass containers with blue, green, yellow, and red dyes that we would open (okay, I would open - I couldn't wait) as she boiled the eggs on the stove.  The table was covered with newspaper because, invariably, one of us would knock a bottle over and there'd be a colored splotch on the paper.  I say it was my sister....mostly because I don't think she's reading this.  She was a klutz.  Really sloppy kid.  Such a mess (I'm actually waiting for the phone to ring as we speak).   Anyway, mom would bring the eggs to us, lay a pile of Q-tips on the table, and let us have at it.  Color anything and anyway we'd like.  Good memories.  The 'strange' thought I had though was of my great-grandmother.  Somehow, she would take eggs and boil them with onion shells.  Turned the eggs a dark brown.  They almost looked like farm-fresh brown eggs....but they weren't.  She purposely made them brown.  Me thinks Grandma might have been nippin' at the hooch, but I can't say for sure.  Why else would you do that...unless (and this is a possibility) it was a Great Depression-era thing.  Maybe that was how they colored eggs then.  Seriously, our way was a bunch more fun...and artistic...but that was Grandma.  No...I have NOT been nippin' at the hooch.....yet.

So the other portion of this entry is that....*sniff, sniff*...the girls are gone.  We took Brittany and Erika home to Richmond after a great Spring Break.  They loved the beach and being in Alabama.  It's always hard, though, taking them home.  After dealing with the 'Ex' again, I have to say to everyone reading - if you're divorced, please....PLEASE...think about being civil to each other for your kids.  You owe it to them and **NEWS FLASH** - it isn't about the two of you anymore!  I can imagine what divorce does to kids.  I lived it.  I can also say that I want to do everything and anything I can to make sure that isn't a feeling that gets passed down through time.  My little soap-box issue today is - Dad's, don't be deadbeats.  Pay your child support.  I know it goes to the Ex, but it's for your child.  Then, when possible, do more for your child.  Just you.  They will notice and recognize the effort, trust me.  They will love and appreciate you for it, too.  It's only money - you can make more.  Nothing can make me understand how fathers can do that to their kids.  Oh, and mothers?  You don't get off the hook here, either.  Make sure the money goes for its intended use - your child.  I know it goes to clothes, food, and shelter...but when you can afford to buy a new car every 1 1/2 to 2 years...then complain that the child support doesn't go far enough, I have to use one of Brittany's lines - "Cry me a river, build a bridge, and GET OVER IT.  Seriously.  'Nuff said.

So, for the 'full-circle' move of the day, I just want to say I hope everyone had a great holiday.  Like I said, I remember Mom going overboard with the food on a holiday such as this.  We'd have more than enough to eat and, frequently, had friends over whose families were either gone or spending it elsewhere.  A house full of family and friends on a holiday is hard to beat, especially when she cooked like this.  She'd have ham, turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, greenbeans, dressing, and brussel sprouts.  Those were for my sister, the klutz.  She was really good at dropping them all over herself and....what?  Who's on the phone?  Amy who?  She knows I'm where?  Looks like I have to run.  Someone pretending to be my sister wants to kick my......

Happy Easter, All - I hope it was safe and fun-filled with the family!

Until next time.........

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