Monday, April 25, 2011

Toothaches, Jim Tressel, and Drawing The Heart.....and Friends.

....and we're back.  Thank you for staying with us during that brief commercial break.  Let's kick off tonight's headlines with all the news fit to print.  First, toothaches.  How do they fit in the news, you ask?  I have one.  Sorry, it might not matter to you, but my blog, my problems.  I win....or lose if you could feel this thing.  After all these years in the dental field, you think I'd know better.  I should have been to the dentist a few days ago, but.....what?  No,'s not that at all.  I don't have an irrational fear of dentists.  It's quite rational, in my opinion.  Hey, I've worked as a dental hygienist, remember?  If you don't, I did.  Eww, the blood...and the plaque stuff...and the gums.....and the cavities.  Just gross.  Alright, it wasn't actually that bad.  I do not have a fear of dentists, really.  It's the pain I can't stand.  I'm a wuss.  That, and the fact that every time I go have any serious work done, I end up slobbering on myself for the two hours after the appointment.  Seriously, don't most of us look like we have a slight case of Bells-Palsy before the novocain wears off?  You don't?  Umm, neither.  I was just kinda making it up.  I think, though, this is endo-time.  A root canal.  I think it would be easier to pull it, yank it out, rip it free.  Yes, the proper term is 'extract'.  Ever known me to be proper?  Does 'extract' sound as fun?  I think not.  The actual terminology for what happened is - "I broke the entire distal portion of # 29 in the entire interproximal area.  Sadly, I still know these terms.  What does it really mean?  The back part of my lower right premolar broke in between the teeth and went into my gums.  Laymen's terms - gotta love 'em.  At least they are understandable, yes?  Right...our next headline is...

Jim Tressel.  Ohio State.  Or, as they lovingly refer to it - THE Ohio State.  This week, the rest of us can refer to it as, "THE Ohio State...that is going to get busted because Jim Tressel arrogantly lied to the NCAA.  Bad boy, Jim....bad, bad boy.  They tend to frown on that.  Seriously, what kind of players are you working with, too, that trade their rings and other mementos of their college careers...for a TATTOO?  Really?  I like the way they treat their experience and (my opinion) their university so callously.  THEN, we find out they are getting suspended, not before the Sugar Bowl, but for the first 5 games of the coming year.  Oh, bullshit - they got caught, hang 'em now!  Jim, you should know better.  Come clean and run a respectable program.  As I said earlier, have you learned nothing from being in a conference with Joe Paterno?  Does anyone wonder why he is so revered?  The man takes kids out of high school, molds them into men, has an extremely high graduation rate, and prepares them for life.  I guess you could say Tressel does the same...but what does it say when you lie for them or falsify documents?  Take a look at Penn State, Jim.  Obviously, Joe is still making a difference.  I'm guessing he wants to stay because he still has more to offer and it keeps him young-ish.  Somewhere, deep in his heart, I think he might be afraid of the Bear Bryant-syndrome, too.  Yeah, you knew I'd work a 'Bama reference in there, didn't you?  Maybe Joe is a little afraid that, like Bryant, he might not last long after he retires.  That's why I hope he roams the sidelines for, well, ever.  Anyway, you lied, Jim - fix it.  Do the right 

Now, moving from sports to the weather, it's a.....what?  No weather?  Okay, then let's move on to the last subject.  Thank you all for taking an idea that two young girls had and making it work.  I have a heart on my wrist (in Sharpie, thank you) and will remember its' meaning as long as it is there...and then some.  I cannot say thank you enough for the multiple reposts of her plan, the pictures of hearts on wrists, and the kind words you all expressed.  I hope I let everyone know how much it is appreciated...and for the example WE have been able to show a younger generation.  When Brittany asks about my friends, the talk invariably leads to friends I have known since elementary school, then high school, then in the working world.  The fact that we can still connect, some after more than 40 years, is noticed by she and her friends.  I've often heard her referring to them as "She'll be a friend like you and______."  They see and admire the fact that people maintain these relationships...and respect that we can make new friends as well.  The efforts of everyone last night and today simply helped reinforce that concept.  Really, really cool.....just because people are friends. 

So that's the take on today.  More rambling on a blog because, well.....I can.  It helps get the 'Monday' out of me.  Now if only Two and A Half Men wasn't a rerun again tonight.  Poor Charlie.  I see he lost his hooke....I mean porn star goddess.  He must be having a really bad day...especially because she burned him with a text message.  Ooh, the ultimate 'Kiss My...' move.  Nice.  Again, as is typical, I digress.  My apologies......and thanks for stopping by.

Until next time..........


  1. 1 - had a MAJOR fear for YEARS of dentists. Then I came to know Dr. Reese. Now, I look FORWARD to my visists. I tell him I should go on tour to schools with "This is the story of why you SHOULD go to the dentist as a kid!" Biut, quite simply put, again, it goes back to: 1 dad, 1 job, 1 house, 1 car & 5, it's all good years later. Just don't ask how much is "real".

    2 - Weather!? Almost 80* -huh? It's still April. Rain on the way, AGAIN - we WILL break the record for April rain - guess that's cool. But, poor farmers - so far behind in the fields...

    3 - Friendships of a lifetime? You bet. Brittany, if ever you want to know WHY you make & keep friends - ring me up sometime.......oh the stories. They are the people that are there with a call, before you even have a chance to say "I need to call.........." and the ones that you turn to and say "Hey, I need..." and before you finish they say "what or how much". These are the "old" friends. The ones from school. THe ones that you did evreything you shouldn't have with, but are SO glad you did!!!!! They are there - never really all THAT far away.

    4 - YOU KNOW I COULD GO ON & ON & On..........Let me just say "LEGENDS and LIARS" the New Big Ten. I think we know who goes were,
    NO name jerseys, khakin pants, and 85 years young - probably one or the top 10 most respevted people EVER.............yea, I love my JoePa & PSU

    Thanks, Dave - fun as always!!! Love ya "old friend"!!!!

  2. Brit!, Let me just say this Dave, and I know you are, but you need to be proud of this very mature and insightful young lady. It does my heart good to see young people make a difference in the world not because they are suppose to but because they want to. Besides it gave old men like us an excuse to write on our wrists and not care what anyone else said but feel proud when we explained. :) THANKS BRIT!!!