Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Infuriating Government....and A Personal Note

Dr Mr President and Members of Congress,

I (and I think I speak for many other Americans) are really tired of your bullshit.  Please stop playing partisan politics and get something done.  I am tired of watching Administrations heading to Washington just for grins and giggles.  You promised us change...and this time, we're not letting you blame US.  It always comes down to the American people not doing enough on our end to help save this country.  You're the leaders - LEAD!  Come up with a new, novel idea and plan and we're there.  All in.  Every four years, we are forced to sit through 1 1/2 years fo asinine commercials where you all soil yourselves with the mud you sling.  Once...JUST ONCE...I would like to see a clean campaign.  Don't tell me Bob screwed his nanny, Ted hired an Illegal Immigrant (which, by the way has the word 'Illegal' in it), Nancy took bribes and voted with Big Oil.....I don't want to hear it.  Know what?  If you can tell me what you WILL do...and then DO IT...I don't really care who you screwed around with.  Let me help you understand - no one, apparently, cared that Jefferson fathered children with a black servant. Why not?  because he could LEAD!  His personal life be damned, the man was one of the finest this country has ever seen.  Jesus, are you that inhereently stupid...or is it just plain arrogance?  We're tired of that, too, by the way.  Little hint?  You don't need brains to get elected, only money and a good story.  There are people FAR wiser and smarter than all of you that are not in office.  (Whew...this ranting takes it out of you.  Think I'm breaking a sweat!)

So, you can't come to a happy 'middle ground' and the Governement will shut down tomorrow night.  Our soldiers - men and women whose actual LIVES are on the line - will not get their full pay.  I have an idea - unless you're being held at gunpoint, why not send them YOUR money?  I'd have to look at statistics (73% of which are made up anyway), but I am guessing that many of our servicemen and women and their families are at or below the poverty level.  Fine statement there.  Yep, sure makes people want to sign up fast, huh?  I find it more than mildly disturbing.  At least the Air Traffic Control system will stay open.  Thank goodness.  The controllers have been dying to get some good sleep.

While we're at it - how about you Republicans get over trying to tack 'abortion' onto every piece of legislation that is written.  We get it.  You're against it.  Fine...move on.  There is NO WAY you can tell me abortion plays as big a part as you want us to believe.  Roe v. Wade - read it.  Right to choose.  I'm not pushing the agenda, just stating fact.  Now, can we get back to the issue of the governement closing?  All I can say is don't get too comfy in those offices.  You might not be there for more than this term.

TEA party?  I get it.  Understood.  Now, let's all play nice in the sandbox and everyone stop being so goddamn radical.  We need to pull together to make this country great again.  Now is the time.  We cannot wait for another generation.  You know - the kids  learning from us that it's okay to bicker and not be productive.  Not good enough.  You people (in the cushy government offices on Capitol Hill) are wearing me out.  Enough said - I hear a wine bottle calling.

On a personal note, I would like to remember someone today.  It was one year ago today that our family stood in a hospital room at Johns Hopkins University.  We gathered around the hospital bed, held hands, said the Lord's Prayer one last time...and watched Bob gently let go.  My mother's husband, my step-father, my kid's grandfather.  I have to admit, though he was ornery at times, it was always with love.  What I hated the most was watching mom have to say goodbye to a man with whom she shared a good life.  I hated that my daughter, his pride and joy, won't have him around to see her graduate from high school or see her attend college....or even learn to drive.  It affected them both greatly.....and, in turn, affected me.  It's times like these that I implore everyone I know to hug their kids a little tighter, pick up the phone and call their parents, stay close with their friends.  We've all experienced these losses.....and none of us likes it.  I think we can all agree that I have done some really stupid things (hands down in back of the room, I get it), but I think we all ought to strive for one thing - dying with no regrets.  Live like you're dying....every day.  Seriously, do it.  Now....go call a friend, write 'em a note on FB, send them a card.  Whatever.  Just do....hold on.....damn, the Masters is on......gotta go! 

Here's to you, Bob - we miss you a bunch.

Until next time.......


  1. You are too smart for your own good.well said - from word one till the "until next time"

    You need to get published - now - somwhere.

    Love ya!

  2. You, my dear, are a doll. Knowing you enjoy it is enough for me....oh, who the hell am I kidding? Published? I am SO on that page....if only....