Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lindsey Lohan and a gay Federal Judge...but wait, there's more!

I know, I know.  It sounds like a bad joke waiting for the punchline.  "So Lindsey Lohan and a gay judge walk into a bar..."  Actually, it might've been more accurate than joking.....if there were any truth to it.  These stories, though, are seperate incidents.  The Lindsey Lohan story caught my eye because, well, I'm trying to keep up with a judicial system gone mad.  They tell me there's no difference in punishments for celebrities than regular citizens.  Adding my two cents - I ain't buying it!  This is like, what - her third or fourth probation violation?  Here's the deal - she will be mopping floors, emptying trash cans, and cleaning windows and restrooms at the LA County Coroner's facility.  She's also got to complete 360 hours of community service at a homeless shelter, too.  Yes, I know she got 120 days behind bars as well.  Sorry, but it is about time.  You want to help this girl?  The judge needs to appoint a guardian (I know she's 24) to help her 24/7.  Yes, she's an adult...and we'll let her live her life like one when she is able to do so without hurting others or herself.  Oh, and make sure the media-whore parents are not allowed near her or the money.  The mother is delusional and thinks they are sisters.  "Lindsey's fine.  There's nothing wrong with her," were the words, I believe, when she was last in rehab.  Yes, I had to point out that was more than a one-time thing, too.  I have to admit, if this were my child we'd have had a 'Come To Jesus' meeting long ago.  Seriously, how do you let your child get away with this or act like this and not be concerned they're going to end up like Belushi?  Umm, I'm thinking that little heiress with too much time, too much money, and too little talent ought to be barred from being around her, too.  Yes....Paris Hilton.  Every time I see her I think.....wait, what?  I mean, I....it...how do...really, it's....I just.....DON"T GET IT!!!  An heir to the Hilton fortune?  She doesn't have to take over the family business (I know, she owns it), but can't you at least pretend to be a little brighter than you are?  Fake it 'til you make it, baby.....please.  Enough with the child-wonders.  My head hurts.

The next topic probably won't make it any better, but....supporters of a ban on gay marriage in CA are trying to have the federal judge that overturned said ban, disqualified from being on the case.  Judge Vaughn Walker declared Proposition 8 to be an unconstitutional violation of the rights of gay Californians.  They want him out, not because he is gay (so they say) but because he has been in a relationship with the same man for 10 years.  They're afraid he, too, might want to get married.  (2, 3, 4.....) Okay, my take on this?  Please....LET IT GO!  If he likes men, so be it.  Can we please get over the straight/gay thing?  Seriously, I know it bothers some, however I'm just saying live & let live.  You want to be gay (no, I promise not going to get graphic), be gay.  You want to be a boy with another boy, fine.  Girl with girl.................umm, sorry, I'm back......that's fine, too.  With that said, though, I'd also like to say to the gays - for us to let it go and stop arguing the point, you have to promise something too.  NO MORE FLIPPIN' PARADES!  No more pretty rainbows and no parades.  It's that simple.  It's like so many other issues you feel you MUST make us aware of.  Gays think that parading will make us more accepting.  Civil rights leaders think having the NAACP advances anything.  You've arrived, damn it!  Now LET IT GO already!  We understand and accept it.  You have to realize there will ALWAYS be someone, no matter what the topic, that will not agree.  It's called America, folks.  It's what we do, it's who we are, it's how we roll!  Move on!  And I feel the blood pressure rising.  enough on that topic, too.  Whew!

Today's other news?  Phoebe Snow died - RIP.  Katie Couric will step down from the Evening News - RIP.  Let's see her bring her perky.....attitude....back to the Today Show.  Lastly, in case you hadn't heard (because you're living in a cave somewhere) there's a wedding on Friday.  Big one.  In England.  I have to admit, too....Diana was pretty but Kate Middleton beats her hands down.  I would have picked Mary Ann over Ginger though, too.  So there it is - today's take.  Hope y'all are having a great week and......

Until next time......

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