Sunday, May 22, 2011

About The Road...From The Road

So here we are - Sunday night and, though I've missed a few days, I had to get this in tonight so I'm blogging from the road. More specifically, the passenger seat of the Camry. Yeah, it could've waited, I suppose, but I wanted to write while the angst and my impatience was fresh. My desire to 'go postal' is in check, however it still exists. Tonight's topic? The idiocy and inconsideration plaguing our nation's highways. Oh, I might be guilty of a few 'no-no's' that we all bitch about, but I try to at least be considerate while being an offender. Some of these things are those that you'd be hard-pressed to find me doing. What say we chat about a few, huh?

Left Lane - we all know this is for passing, right? Well, do we? I hate to have to ask twice, but Oh, My God! Are you kidding me? When the speed limit is 70 mph, please DO NOT get in the left lane and go 65 mph. We're out here going damn near 80 because the cops will give us almost 10 over the limit without sharing ink and a sheet of paper with us. In other words, you aren't getting stopped (typically) until you are 10 or more over the limit. That means, as you are doing your elderly, complacent 65 in the left lane, some (most) of us are passing cars at almost 15 mph faster. It's an ugly closing rate when you're lollygagging and we're drafting. Please get out of the lane. Oh, and check your mirrors. We come out of nowhere, too. Pay attention. Don't be offended if I flip you off - nothing personal, you just...well, are thoughtless.

Cell Phones - if you're going to use them, again, check your mirrors. I'm good with you talking to Susie...just don't be lost in the conversation while holding up a line of 15 cars. It's irritating and makes us want to run you off the road. Seriously. Why not invest in a headset? They are inexpensive and might allow you to drive with a bit more regard for others. Hell, you might even end up learning to chew gum and walk simultaneously, too! Really, please look in your mirrors. We're back here and want nothing more than to show you how Smoke or Mark Martin bump-draft on the backstretch. It might hurt and screw up your bumper, but we're good with long as you learn your lesson.

Did I mention the whole 'get out of the left lane unless you're passing' thing? I know I did but thought it important enough to repeat thank you for your consideration. Suffice it to say, you have been warned. That's all for tonight...and I can certainly expound on this more later!

Until next time....

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