Saturday, May 14, 2011

Exploratory Committees.....and the Games Begin.

So, here we go again, huh?  I realize that's not a very American sentiment but it's how I feel every time we get 100 days into a Presidency.  Newt Gingrich is forming an exploratory committee.  So is Mike Huckabee.  Perhaps Mitt Romney,  Donald Trump comes to mind.  For the love of God, JUST SAY IT!  Why can people that want to lead the country not simply come out and say, "My name is _____ and I want to be your President!"?  Exploratory Committee?  Yeah, we're going to 'explore' if there's enough interest in people wanting to vote for me.  We're going to float some of our ideas and see if anyone takes the bait.  How many people can we sell our bullshit to this time?  I'm sorry, but it's how I feel. 

I have friends that have said, "This is MY President!" and he has done a world of good for us.  I said it earlier and I will say it again - the 'Change' I got ain't the change I was promised.  No one came to me and said, "Hey, guess what?  We're going to increase the National Debt to $14 Trillion."  I, respectfully, would have declined and ask that they not 'change' on my behalf.  Let me, too, point out that Barack Obama has neither been completely responsible for everything good, nor is he responsible for everything that has gone wrong.  If you believe he has, let me introduce you to our system of government and the "Magical Triumvirate" that we house in Washington, DC.  My daughter, all of 15, spoke a lot about this last year.  Executive, Legislative, Judicial - our three branches of the government.  Remember those?  If not, let's have a refresher course, shall we?  Each one keeps the other in check and none, though they do have certain powers that are available for specific, unusual circumstances, outweighs the other.  It's what is (supposed) to enable (or keep) us from being able to say, "King Obama did this or that."

Frankly, I am already fed up with our elected officials and find it difficult to even stomach the notion of a full year or more of campaigning. I am curious, though, to see if Sarah Palin has been tutored properly.  From that point, it might just be interesting.  Before anyone says or suggests that, "If you want to make a difference, run for office," let me point out that I can't.  Not that I am unable to do it, only that I am unwilling to have my life put under a microscope so I can have mud slung at me from all sides.  I've said it before - campaigns are not about the most qualified people anymore.  They are about who has the least amount of skeletons in their closet.  Sorry, mine is full...and most of you know it.  The thought of me even contemplating running for office has most of you in hysterics, huh?  I thought so.  So here is what I suggest - let's try something different this time.  Let's try to find the best LEADERS not the best non-inhalers.  We are at a point in the generations where it is going to be increasingly difficult to find someone...anyone...that hasn't at least TRIED marijuana.  Quite honestly, if you want to fight the war on drugs, I want someone who knows and understands what we are really dealing with.  Let's decide, too, that this is one drug we might use (again, as previously mentioned) to cut that deficit and help us actually fight a war on real drugs.  I am more concerned that my kid can buy heroin in her high school than I am that she can find weed.  It's that simple.  I don't want her to find crystal meth, either....or coke, or roofies.  I want a leader that understands what we are dealing with and can make a difference.  I want a leader that, when realizing we must fix health-care, grabs a multitude of people from ALL sides of the aisle and puts them in a room together to solve the problem.  Did I mention it would be nice if they could do it without the help of special-interest groups and lobbyists, too?

Yes, folks, it's gearing up for the ""Every Four Years Fiasco" once again.  We need to let them know, as we are supposed to, what "WE, The People" expect this time.  We want a leader that can rally everyone to work together to solve the issues at hand.  We want a (yep, saying it again) LEADER.  Someone that can find a compromise to solve our problems.  Someone that can motivate everyone to get involved so we can, collectively, return us to the stature we one held as a country.  Someone about whom we can ALL say, "This is OUR president," proudly.  Someone that makes us feel......United.

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  1. I still say we need a non partisan who drank beer smoked weed and played the field but has grown up.