Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day (I mean, what else would I write about?)

I've been trying to figure out what to say for Mother's Day without sounding like a Hallmark card.  Yeah, we can all get mushy and tell her how much she means to us, but do we really ever pick a card that say what we're actually thinking?  I could never find one that said it perfectly.  They aren't long enough.  So, I just figured I would say it here with an open letter to her.  If I nail it, she'll be happy.  If I don't, well.....I know Mom - She'll tell me she was anyway.  The easiest way would be to say, "Dear Mom, thanks for everything.  I appreciate it and really love you.  Love, Me."  See?  Nailed it first try.  Wait, maybe I'd better try a little harder.

Dear Mom,

Thanks just doesn't seem to really be enough.  I remember everything you've done for my sister and I, even if you don't.  I remember (the stories) of you putting yourself through college even though you already had a son.  I remember having to spend hours with a great-grandmother because you worked until 6:00 p.m. and, though some would view the glass as half-empty, I appreciated it because I got to spend time with her AND knew you were doing it so we could have more.  You worked harder than any woman (or man) to provide more for us than most had.  You gave us stable lives, even as you went through two divorces.  You kept us grounded, taught us right from wrong, taught us manners, taught us to...well, care.  I remember Christmases past when you made it seem like the presents would never end.  I remember you taking us to visit relatives, Dutch Wonderland, Fantasyland, even the trip to Colonial Williamsburg.  How about the vacation to Wisconsin when we ended up in Canton, OH and got to go to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Okay, I 'm guessing that wasn't your choice....but I remember it and loved it.  I remember spending time with you after divorce number 2...and how we talked for hours and became better friends.  I remember spending time at the house on Stock St and sitting on the front porch with friends, many nights, sharing good times.  I remember how you were with my friends, and how many of them thought of you as a "second mom" when I was busy trying to pretend I didn't have one.  It took me a long time to realize how special those times were....and I hope I did nothing to make you feel bad......ever.  I guess what I am trying to say done good as far as I can tell.  You've raised two kids who like themselves and others.  We're happy with who we've become and how our lives have turned out.  We learned love, caring, and compassion from you and for that I am eternally grateful.  I love my family and my friends, and can tell them that, freely, because of how you raised us.  I just cannot say 'thank you' enough and it doesn't seem to be enough when I do.  Please know that you are loved, dearly, by your children and grandchildren.  You've got a lasting legacy you can be proud of and, when the time comes, if you ever ask yourself if your life was 'worth it' and if you made a difference, please know that you did.  The lives you have touched are better for having known you.  We all are.  See?  This is why there is no Hallmark card that says what I needed it do say.  I ramble.....Hallmark doesn't.  They cut to the chase in 50 words or less.  I love you, appreciate you, and am proud that you're my Mom every day.

For the other 'Momma' in my life - you, too, are very special to me and I appreciate you more than you know.  From dealing with Dad to giving me a place to stay years ago, I am indebted to you always.  I consider you a dear friend and love you very much.  I would do anything for you as well.  All you have to do is ask.  For the relatively short time you have been in my life, you have garnered more of my love than you know.  We are family and, even after Dad's death, will remain so forever.  I love you, Momma L.  happy Mother's Day.

For my friends, most of whom I have grown up with that have mothers I love - please pass along my sentiments.  They have raised you to be great people, too, and I will always love them as well.  There are other mothers that, sadly, have passed before their time.  Fortunately, I still see them in their adult children.  Those mothers raised their children well and if they were here today would tell them how proud they are of them.  These mothers are missed greatly, yet have made a lasting impact on us all.

For any other mothers reading this - Happy Mother's Day.  You have a thankless job, yet I never hear any of you complain.  Actually, I find it wuite the opposite.  You cook, clean, wipe runny noses, put band-aids on cuts, and do everything else in the job description of 'Mom'.  We are all more thankful than you can imagine and hope that this year, and every year in the future, brings you the best on Mother's day.  We love you.

Until next time........

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