Thursday, May 26, 2011

Arizona and the Supreme Court.....Thank God.

I should have jumped on this topic long ago, however it did manage to disappear or, shall we say, hide itself for awhile.  The issue is the one involving illegal immigrants and their status in Arizona.  The Supreme Court, in a ruling today, upheld the law that will penalizes businesses for hiring people that are in the country illegally.  Not surprisingly, the 5 Justices that voted in the affirmative are Republican appointees.  They were against the Chamber of Commerce and the ACLU.  I'm sorry, but the fact that we even have to have a law passed for this issue is astounding to me.  As Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, said, "Not only is this law constitutional, it's common sense.  American jobs should be preserved for Americans and legal workers."  Not surprisingly, either, is that the Obama Administration backed the challenge to the law.  Now, let's explore a few of the details and what 'The Supremes' wrote.

Justice Stephen Breyer said that this law upsets a balance in federal law between dissuading employers from hiring illegal workers and ensuring that people are not discriminated against because they may speak with an accent or look like they might be immigrants.  Dear Justice Breyer.....are you kidding me?  Maybe I'm a little 'off the wall' in my thinking, however I am wondering when it was decided that discrimination laws were in place to protect illegal immigrants.  So, if I am hearing you correctly, they have just as much right to non-discriminatory practices as I do?  Let me fill you in on a little deep, dark secret - I'm a white man and I get discriminated against routinely because of it.  Because I am not black, Hispanic, Mexican, or any of the other protected races, I have to be willing to become accustomed to losing opportunities...and I better enjoy it, right?  I'm supposed to understand that, because their skin is a different color and we have enacted these laws, I might have to take a backseat because we don't want to hurt their feelings....EVEN IF THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY?  I'm no lawyer (thank goodness), but I'm certain these laws were put into effect during the times of the Civil Rights movement.  Blacks were routinely discriminated against - think separate lunch counters and fountains, not to mention riding a bus - and I am grateful that my kids and their friends can grow up in a world where we no longer have that problem.  Let me point out, too, that we have now gone so far beyond the intent of the law that it is ridiculous.  This borders on insanity, don't you think?  Seriously, your argument is that we need to protect the rights of....wait for's in the it comes....ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!  When did 'illegal' come to mean 'something to be protected'?  If I want to be a drunk driver, it sounds to me like you're discriminating against me because I drink.  Please don't do that.  I'll sue you.  If I want to smoke marijuana, you're discriminating against me because it is an 'illegal' drug rather than a legal one.  C' people aren't really serious about this, are you?  Where's Allen Funt?  Where's the candid camera?  You HAVE to be putting me on.

Illegal Immigration is something we spend millions of dollars a year - my money and yours - to fight.  We somehow consider it a losing battle and now you're telling me they have rights?  What the hell are YOU smoking?  This is an issue for which we need a solution.  Otherwise, you are just throwing our money away, putting our kids further in debt, and confusing the hell out of everyone involved.  If they want to live here and have travelled here to make a better life, then by God do it the way our ancestors did - EARN IT.  No more social programs, no more help with the discrimination laws.  Get your citizenship like they did.  Take the test and we will welcome you.  It's how this country was built and what made us great.  Trouble is, they don't want to because (here's a shocker) they don't want  the authorities to have the ability to track them down.  They don't want to play by the rules, yet they want the rules to protect them.  I'm sorry, but this is asinine.  Fix it.  It seems to me that Arizona is well on their way to doing what many, if not all, states should have done long ago.  Just my opinion....but you're nodding, too.  You feel it...and believe it.

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