Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Kid's Halo...and Boys Are Icky!

I had nary a clue what I was going to write about this evening.  I was struggling, wondering what I was going to make for dinner, why I have to go to work tomorrow, why it can't be 'Saturday' 4 times a week...and then I posted a question on Facebook.  I wanted to know the issues facing kids today and what parents are worried about the most.  Drugs?  Teen pregnancy?  Texting while driving?  Grades and school?  While all of these things are a concern, I'm sure, to parents collectively, I wanted to get input from as many people as possible.  What really bothers you and worries you?  Then, by simply adding a comment at the end of it and suggesting my daughter was 'polishing her halo', I got her response and laughed.  Hard.  The kid has a great sense of humor and made me laugh, something I was not prepared to do.  Someone even shared the fact that, as Britt and I were kidding back and forth, we must have a great relationship.  We do and it's something I cherish every day.  She told me her "halo is always shining, never has an attitude, doesn't do drugs, hates texting, and boys are boogers.  So, I'm all good - I should keep cleaning that guy..." meaning her halo.  She's a riot.  When one of her friends questioned when THAT happened (the aforementioned statements about boys, texting and attitude), she replied with this:

"Just now - it hit me like a brick!  BOYS ARE ICKY!  And have cooties.  And I hate them.  Texting is overrated.  It just gives my fingers blisters...and trust me when I say I don't like blisters.  And shoot, I never have an attitude.  This girl is an angel....."  I realize she didn't mention the drug thing, but I know she's good there, too.  THAT isn't the issue with her.  She must've known that, too, as she concentrated on the 'boys' part.  She knows daddy is cleaning his gun, not her halo.  The attitude thing only comes up when you wake her, if you should be so inclined.  I, having spent many nights with her, know better than to attempt it.  This is NOT someone you want to awaken.  That's the only part I enjoy about the fact that she lives with her mother.  Mom gets to wake her most mornings.  She is with me, typically, on weekends only.  I'm smart enough to let her sleep until she wakes herself for the most part.  If I have to wake her before she's ready, I usually do it with a stick from about 20 feet away.  Not a happy camper.

She is a good kid and I don't get to mention it often enough.  There are times when, like tonight, she makes me laugh and she has such a full and complete personality.  I am comfortable taking her anywhere and she knows how to act around adults.  She has manners and is polite, something I am proud of.  I try to tell her, often, how proud a father I am of the young lady she has become.  Knowing me, though, most of you reading this know I am proudest of her sense of humor and quick wit.  At times, it's even irritating - she can be quick and I can't keep up with her.  The other thing I love about her, that I feel I should share with the world, is her ability to care.  I believe we develop our sense of humor in how we handle adversity.  This little girl (not so little any more) lost both her grandfathers last year.  She's never had anyone die that she was that close to before then.  It affected her greatly and she and I have spoken about it at length.  She misses them both and, because of it, carries a compassion with her that she uses when dealing with family and friends that is something to behold.  She is an amazing young woman...and I feel I must share that with the world.  If this is my only legacy...I will be a happy man and know that, having helped bring her into this world, I have left it a little bit better place than I found it.  I know this is a different entry for a Sunday evening, but I had to share it.  I hope she reads it....and knows that I love her.

Until next time.....

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  1. You are doing just fine with her.
    She - MANY years from now will smile with pride when someone says to her "Your Dave Luckenbaugh's daughter, aren't you?" And she will PROUDLY say "Yes, yes I am" and they will say "he was a hell of a guy, you're just like him" :)))))))) NO better compliment.
    Again - MANY years down the road.