Monday, May 23, 2011

A Sick, Twisted, Sad Story....also known as - Where Was Help?

I promised I would write this story...though I have to admit, it made me ill when I read about it.  If you don't know the name Christian Choate, I hope you will remember it when you are through reading.  This is a sickening story about people that should never be allowed near other individuals, much less a child.  It's also a story of Child Protective Services doing what they do often - complain of being overworked and having far too many cases, while failing to do what their name implies - protect.  It's a story of law enforcement being an oxymoron - they enforced nothing.  Quite honestly, the 'System' we have come to expect to be an 'Epic Fail' did not disappoint.  They failed beyond measure and, sadly, it cost a 13-year old boy his life.  To think this even goes on in the world is shocking.  To think that we won't consider 'An Eye for An Eye' as punishment is even worse. 

Christian Choate went to live with his father and stepmother after his biological mother gave up custody of he and his sister.  She had left the father, Riley Choate, claiming he was abusive.  Why would this woman willingly give up her two children to a man she claimed was abusive.  Yeah, I agree - problem #1.  This boy was kept in a dog cage, savagely beaten, rarely fed, and chained to a bed frame standing on end.  He was kept this way, unbathed and naked (except for a diaper) constantly from the age of 11-13.  Twice a week he was given a shockingly cold shower which would make him scream...which, of course, led to more beatings.  When he wouldn't eat, the sister was told to punish him - she'd strike him and, by her own admission, choke him until he turned blue.  Sick yet?  Just wait.  The day before he died, he would not eat and, when his father heard this, punched him in the chest and head repeatedly, then threw him back in the dog cage.  The last day of his life, as he lay unresponsive in the cage, the sister was told to give him CPR...which she did with an air mattress pump.  The father and stepmother then put him in two garbage bags and buried him in a shallow grave with lime and concrete.  They put a Bible on his chest, too.  How thoughtful.  He had been dead and gone two years before authorities were even alerted to the disappearance.  Search 'Christian Choate' and read the full articles.  You'll become physically ill.

The bigger picture questions I have are - where the hell was Child Protective Services?  We'll never know.  confidentiality provisions in Indiana prohibit them from releasing any information.  The Police?  They will not comment on active investigations.  No one was ever called to find out what happened to this boy, nor did they ever make it a priority.  He was dead for two years...TWO years...before anyone knew of it, and then it was only because the mother was finally alerted by the sister.  Here's my suggestion for these people - first, find two cages.  I know some of you are saying it wouldn't be right and that would be cruel and unusual punishment.  You think Christian would feel that way?  If we cannot protect the children and use some damn common sense, who will?  We let these things happen more often than we care to admit.  Children are molested, attacked, beaten, and killed and we always do the same thing - we shake our heads, say, "What a shame," maybe even cry a little for an unknown child.  Enough already!  We have to ACT!  The system, my friends, is broken.  Prisons are overcrowded and we have no room?  Build more and put people to work.  We can get rid of a few lawmakers who are squandering our monies and build jails.  We can actually use programs designed to help kids and hire more caseworkers.  Better yet, when we DO hire caseworkers, let's make sure they aren't just working for a cushy government job.  Let's find people who will actually CARE!  I am physically sick...and tired...of people working for agencies like Child Services that do nothing but tell me how busy they are...all while filing the paperwork when a child gets killed and forgetting them.  It is unforgivable, yet here we are.  You'll read this tonight and think it's a sad story.  You'll tell someone about it tomorrow.  You might even share it with someone in a postion that could affect change.  Ultimately, though, nothing will happen.  We are not united and there are far more pressing issues.  The deficit and healthcare.  Well, here's my little nod toward fixing healthcare - why don't we just let these people loose on our youth today?  That way, we won't have to worry about healthcare - they'll kill the kids for us.  What?  Sound too radical and turn your stomach?  Mine, what say we collectively find a way to fix this and change things.  I'll say it again - Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world.  It's the only thing that ever has........

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  1. Wow, and if you don't mind Dave I would like to post this comment on your link. If you do, which I doubt, I am sorry it will be too late.

    I still say the problem is two fold. We make all of these rules and regulations on how we should discipline our children because a few have abused the priviledge and went over board. Just because 5% of the people are sick doesn't mean we should govern the 95% who are not!. The children from our era survived, yes there was probably the same 5% back then. But as long as we continue to take the rights of parents to parent it will only get worse. Have the 5% gone any where? no it continues to happen and gets worse!!

    The second of the two fold is the lawyers. Yes I agree everyone has a right to a defense, but what happened to morality? How can any lawyer in good morale standing possibly defend this couple. Yet there will be at least one and sadly at our expense. Even sader is there is a chance that if not acquitted they will be deemed insane! Which of course they are! Aren't all of those that willingly abuse a child? Willingly take anothers life for no good reason?

    Why do we take care of other countries and promote their democracy when we need help ourselves? The whole system needs revised. We need a man like Lucky at the head (PRESIDENT). Yes we all now that Dave does not stand a chance! But there has to be someone out there that has the same views and concerns that we do that does have a chance!

  2. I think jail is too good and easy for these freakin losers! I can't really say what I am thinking, but I love the eye for an eye idea! It MAY help stop the madness and in some countries you steal and get caught, you lose a finger. Get caught again and lose the hand. Marked for all to see the criminal you are. I don't know if it still happens but it is an awesome idea in my book! I don't know how to mark a person who harms innocent kids but I think a good stoning would be in order and that is too good for them too. The cage for the offender would be cool as long as it was slowly dipped into a vat of boiling oil 1 inch at a time. The post Dave made is completely accurate and I only hope some one with Daves morals and values could get into that white house because at this point, that's all that we have left. Having no kids, I can't understand what they put you through but I have to believe nothing could make me or anyone I know do that to them. I think they are irresponsible to have kids and go into it not giving a damn about what happens to them. I hope poor Christian is resting free of pain and his mother should be next to the father she is just as guilty if not more for never bothering to check on him or the sister. Oh and lawyers all suck the money no matter who is asking to be represented. A couple of months ago the girl covered in chemicals in the back of the pickup truck was a foster kid and those people got a lawyer. Who would bother with them?? Why do they deserve a trial and why do I have to pay for their meals?? I'm pissed!!