Wednesday, May 25, 2011

(In)Consideration. or Not.

I'm not sure when it happened really.  I've tried, but the answer eludes me.  When did inconsideration become so, I don't know....vogue.  When did it become okay, even acceptable at times, to be patently inconsiderate?  I was thinking of a specific situation but, after a little more thought, have decided it applies to many situations I've encountered lately.  It shouldn't be that hard, really.  Consideration (kun-si-de-ray-shun) n., 1. The process of giving careful thought to something, 2. sharing concern for the rights and feelings of others.  There - not that difficult, right?  We all know what considerate and consideration mean.  We're teaching it to our kids, right?  Well?  Are we?

I watch, as I pull up to the drive-thru window of the fast-food joint, as the teenager looks at me and asks for $6.83 as if I am inconveniencing her.  Her expression isn't really lifeless so much as it is semi-disgusted.  I want to say, "Hey, Shaniqua (or depends), it's not my fault you thought it was a good idea to quit high school.  Or, if you did finish high school and are a typical teenager, I'm sorry there aren't any CEO jobs available.  You'd be perfect - you already know everything."  I don't say it, though.  I typically hand them the cash, take my food, and then catch myself thanking them!  What the....?  To be politically-asexual with my examples, I could respond, "Hey, Dude, you get that my money is going toward your paycheck, right?  You need to learn how to treat customers, you pinhead.  Your mom dresses you funny, too!"  Again, I don't.  I drive....and eat.....and get lettuce and mayo on my shirt....which really irritates me.....all because of inconsideration.  Okay, that last part might have been because I'm a klutz, but still......

Seriously, when did it become cool to treat people, especially after they've been considerate toward you, with such disregard?  I'm thinking (wait 'til you see this leap) it was about the time that divorce became, shall we say, all the rage.  Think about it - have you ever seen people treat each other with more disregard than when they are divorced.  That's a special kind of inconsideration.  A whole new level.  It almost becomes a game, really.  Let's see who can be the most inconsiderate of the other when, actually, that's probably why the marriage ended.  HER: "Why would you plan a golf trip when my mother's coming to town?"  HIM: "Seriously?  Ask yourself that question again, only this time do it slowly and listen to ALL the words.  Concentrate on the last five.  Got it?  Bingo!"  See, with marital inconsideration, there always has to be sarcasm, too.  Technically, there doesn't HAVE to be sarcasm but it IS a nice touch.  Here's another - HIM: "Tell me again why you thought it would be a good idea to wash my white shirts with the burgundy tablecloth.  You ruined them!"  HER: "You look good in pink.  That's not a problem, is it?"  See what I mean about the sarcasm?  It just works.

Divorced with kids is always fun, too, especially if you're adept at using them as pawns.  This can be particularly inconsiderate or, as I like to see it, nasty and hateful.  HER: "Gee, I'm sorry you drove the whole way here to get the kids but they're sick and I don't think they ought to go anywhere."  HIM: "They just got sick today, huh?  Did they put a cast on your broken fingers?"  HER: "What are you talking about?  I don't have broken fingers."  HIM: " I'm guessing there's another reason you couldn't pick up the phone?"  Yes, for those of you still happily married, these conversations do, in fact, take place.  Even in this situation, though, shouldn't we ALL try to be more considerate?  Listen, it costs you nothing.  It's the right thing to do.  It's nice and kind and, though I don't think we'll really ever have world peace, can't we just make the attempt?  You know - it's the whole 'it takes more muscles to frown than to smile' routine.  You give what you get....hopefully.  Maybe we could just give it a try and start being nice to people and treating them well without being prompted.  I think it's worth a try, don't you?  Just sayin'.....

Until next time.....


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