Friday, May 13, 2011

Who Decided the World Should Smoke Crack...and All at Once?

Okay, maybe the title I've used oversimplifies and is misleading.  You have to admit, though, it is intriguing, no?  There are several reasons I used it, mostly because it actually appears those in a position of power and decision-making have been doing just that.  Where to begin?  There are so many wonderful stories of idiocy today.  First, let me share (in case you haven't heard) this one - Wonder Woman was NOT picked up by NBC for its fall line-up!  I know, right?  Me, too!  They said, if you can actually believe it, that the script was no good.  Wonder Woman in the 21st century, competing with the likes of NCIS, CSI, SVU, and other assorted acronyms.  How could that not be a hit?  Okay, the men, at least, were waiting for the costume which, as luck would have it, turned out to be the other main reason the show will not air.  They seem to have a hard time with high-heeled boots (not really), skintight vinyl pants (again, not the real reason), and a vinyl bustier that barely covered her (BINGO - we found the real problem!) umm, upper torso?  Either way, this really isn't earth-shattering news.  I'm only shocked they didn't consider casting Lynda Carter again.

Seriously, though, the idiocy of the day involves two 'what the hell are we actually thinking anymore' type moves.  A woman got a parking ticket for $750 plus costs of $85...for parking on the grass.  No lie.  She was at her son's all-day baseball tournament and she, along with others, parked on the grass next to the parking lot.  We've all seen it.  The lot was full and they were at a sports park.  You know, the kind where kids run on the grass for their baseball, soccer, and football games in cleats which, of course, are used solely for aereating the turf.  You remember those, right?  So she parked on the grass and they ticketed her.  There was 'No Parking On Grass' painted on the curb (which I'm sure she saw when she got out of her car and crawled under the cars parked in front of said curb).  Simply careless and thoughtless on her part.  Were there signs?  Absolutely - about a hundred yards away.  Dumb chick should've had binoculars, right?  I know!  The best part was the interview with the councilman - "Hey, we have signs and we've ticketed before.  It just seems the $15 violations weren't getting anyone's attention.  We had to increase it."  Makes sense to me.  If $15 won't get their attention, jack it up to $750.  How did we arbitrarily arrive at that number?  We couldn't have gone to maybe $100?  Clear case of punishment fitting the crime....and how we've lost any shred of common sense.

The worst episode, though, happened in Shelton, CT.  James Tate, a high-school senior (I'm guessing you've seen this story) in Shelton, decided to romanticize his invitation of a young lady to their Prom.  Think "Say Anything" with John Cusack.  Remember Cusack standing on the front lawn holding the boom-box with Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" blaring to get her attention?  Yeah, well this kid had a different plan (and one I am quite fond of, actually).  He and two friends went to the school in the evening, climbed a ladder, and put cardboard letters on the side of the school, effectively asking this young lady to the Prom.  I don't care what anyone says, it took imagination and thought and, in some romantic fashion, is something that neither he nor the young lady will ever forget.  C'mon, who wouldn't love to tell that story to your kids some day?  See?  I agree.  Anyway, the Head Mistress of the school (that term still makes me snicker a bit) didn't see it that way and suspended ol' James.  Now the kid can't go to his prom.  He even admitted he'd be willing to clean up the campus on a weekend or any other punishment, but really - no prom?  Seriously?  Apparently, if you are suspended for any reason in the last month of school you cannot go to the Prom.  Fast forward two days.  This story has been on the Today Show twice, there's 160,000+ members on a FB page supporting him, AND (best yet) the Governor thinks the punishment is excessive.  Head Mistress (giggle) won't budge. 

So here's the magic $64,000 questions - When did we lose our common sense?  I'm sorry, but you just know if this was a kid that was anything but white (and I am NOT being racist), there'd be a huge uproar, public outcry, and Jesse Jackson would be on the campus immediately.  Don't even think about arguing that point.  If not Rev Jackson, there'd be the ACLU or any number of other organizations.  This is ridiculous and shows, in my opinion, how minorities aren't really.  Listen, if you want to accuse me of being racist, know this - I have friends of all colors, creeds, religious persuasions, etc.  It's not about that at all.  It's about a double standard.  It's about how we have taken small issues, use no common sense in dealing with them, and hide behind 'The Rules'.  Rules were made to be broken.  Simply put, there are ALWAYS exceptions.  The kid did not vandalize the school.  He didn't spray paint the message on the walls, didn't use racial slurs, didn't hurt anyone.  He was trying to be as romantic as the man (or woman) that uses the Jumbotron at a sports arena to propose marriage.  'The Rules', though, dictate that we make an example of James Tate.  I cannot stress enough how idiotic this is.  As a matter of fact, Today took a poll - 94% in support of James.  I'm no math whiz, but I'm thinking that's a fairly overwhelming majority (it is, right?).  The world is in bad shape and so is our country.  When we allow clouded thinking such as this to pervade our everyday decision-making, we're screwed.  Dear Head Mistress (no, not this time), please extract the upper portion of your body, mainly above your shoulders, from the lower rear portion of the same body.  Politely put, don't you think?  Anyway, I have to point this stuff out, even though I'm sure you've seen it.  If not, glad I could bring it to your attention.  Now, go put a 'Like' on James Tate's Support Page on FB.  The kid needs help.  Jesse didn't show up....and, quite honestly, I couldn't get there in time to save the my Wonder Woman costume.....with the bustier....which, by the way, is a little snug.  Hope y'all have a great evening and.....

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  1. Very well written Dave and very politically correct. Perhaps I should have solicited your expertise in a recent situation. Let's not forget Affirmitive Action either where employers are encouraged to hire minorites. Not only that but if they fit into more than one catagory you get credit for all of those catagories.

    Also, could you please answer a question for me? Please? How can you trespass on taxpayer owned property? Just wondering?